Scotty began his love for radio back when he was 7 living in Sioux Falls, SD. He used to make frequent visits to the local radio station. It was just down from his house, and he was always collecting their bumper stickers and watching the DJs through a big plate glass window. He mother saw the passion in him to be in media or a performer of some sort, so she bought him a “Mr. Microphone” that allowed him to live out the dream of being a radio DJ. His first gig was in 1996 at WJMX-FM in Florence, SC. He worked his way up from “weekend warrior”, to afternoons, to finally mornings. Among other duties, he was the stations program director, music direction, and promotions director. He also had hands involved with other stations like, WDAR-FM, WEGX-FM, WJMX-AM, WSQN-FM, WFLZ-FM, and WPFM-AM. Working in radio for almost 12 years gave him the tools and knowledge needed to branch off and start a couple of hobbies of his own as a wedding/event DJ, worldwide voiceover artist and freelance video journalist for the Travel Channel. After eight years of working with Howard Rosen Promotion from the programming side, Scotty decided he wanted to try the other side of radio promotion and in 2009 joined the HRP team from Florence, SC where he currently resides.