Dana Fialco Testimonial- Howard Rosen Promotion

Arie Thompson Testimonial- Howard Rosen Promotion

Pop artists, Eric Rowland from LA, California, jumped on board with Howard Rosen Promotion and worked a successful 12 week CHR and Hot AC campaign during the summer of 2010. Here, in his own words, is his testimonial about the relationship he has with HRP and the service he got with his single “Photograph”. Beware of this kid. He’s going places with his music and acting career.

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Emil featured his song “All I Ever Knew of Love Was You” to the CHR and Hot AC formats during a radio campaign with Howard Rosen Promotion. His song hit numerous stations across the U.S. and was even being played over 100 spins a week on KQID and KVFX during the campaign. His voice and talent surly will pave the way for more powerful singles in radio. Here’s the video to that song.

Marla Guloien, from Canada, worked on a a successful radio campaign with Howard Rosen Promotion during the summer of 2010. Her radio promotion stretched in the US from coast to coast getting air play from various Top-40 (CHR) and Hot AC radio stations. Her sound is truly exceptional and an artist to watch through the upcoming years.

Kim Cameron, from Side FX, is an unbelievable passionate woman when it comes to music. Here she describes her thoughts, feeling and experience with working a college, Top-40 (CHR), Hot AC, and holiday campaign with Howard Rosen Promotion. Kim brings a lot of positive personality in her music and in life as she brings out the best in everything she’s involved with. Beware her style though, cause once you hear her voice and music, you’ll not want to put it down.