Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding our services.

How do I know which campaign is the best fit for my music?
We’ll be glad to help you with that. Our experienced staff will analyze your music, taking into consideration the current formats, and suggest which format(s) would be the best placement and promotion for your music. If you tell us your goals we will try to help you achieve them.

When will my radio campaign start?
This depends on a few factors such as timing and the number of other artists that we are working on. We do our best to accommodate based upon our calendar and flow of product. We do not want to overcrowd you or anyone else. We also use factors such as an upcoming tour or album release dates to help determine the best time to start a campaign.

How does HRP submit the music to the radio stations?
That all depends on which format we are promoting the music to. Most formats will receive the music via digital delivery instantly showing up in their email inbox. This is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way for everyone, but a few might request a hard copy (CD) to be snail mailed to them. As of right now, the college and alternative specialty formats are the two formats that still require hard copies of the CD to be delivered to each station.

I’m unsigned and I heard that corporate radio doesn’t play unsigned artists. How does that work?
This is not true. We tend to get a lot of our clients music played on corporate radio. Each radio station does have policies and rules and some vary from station to station within a company, but typically the strong relationships that we have with the programmers makes it easier for us to get the attention and/or airplay the artist is looking for. We also know which stations run test shows or feature artists on air or online allowing additional outlets for independent artists to be played on corporate radio.

How can my music benefit from doing a radio campaign?
In many ways. A radio campaign can benefit CD sales (physical and digital), merchandise sales, tour booking, creating a following, or even help to get signed. If no one knows who you are, has never heard of you, or has never heard your music, you won’t get far. Promotion is key! Remember, if you don’t promote your music, a terrible thing happens. . . Nothing!

I’m going to be using a publicist, so why do I need radio promotion?
It’s two completely different jobs. A publicist primarily handles press releases and specific information being sent to the news outlets about an artist. Doing promotion first gives a publicist more information to work with on your behalf. Our primary goal is to deal with radio station programmers directly (terrestrial, satellite and internet) and work to get the music played on their station. It never hurts to have both a radio promoter and a publicist working on your project.

Do radio stations also report their play list on their website?
Some do but most do not. We tend not to track online playlists due to the fact that most of them are frequently not up to date or the online play list does not reflect the play list of music heard going over the airwaves. Tests and spikes are not reported or listed on their sites.

What different types of reporting stations are there?
For commercial formats there are: R&R reporters, Mediabase reporters, BDS reporters and Under the Radar (non reporting stations), internet and satellite. Please keep in mind not all stations report. Therefore non-reporting stations airplay is monitored through playlists they send us, phone conversations, and emails. For college we service primarily CMJ reporting stations. For Alternative Specialty we deal with stations that primarily report to FMQB and K.K.B.B. A/C we use FM QB/AC.

Is there anything I can do to help enhance the radio campaign?
Each campaign varies slightly, but being available to record stations ID’s, interviews, send stations product, updating your website, and/or possibly play a show are all very helpful. In addition, make sure you update our staff on any press, shows or other information that can help us in talking to radio stations. It is very time consuming for us to search for new press and tour dates and takes away from our radio calls, we welcome frequent band updates while working with you. We include this information in our weekly email blast to stations as well.

How much airplay can I get?
There is no way to guarantee how much airplay an artist will ever get, but HRP has never worked a campaign that resulted in no airplay. It all comes down to the music. In the beginning it’s the Program/Music Director’s choice and then it’s the listeners response.

When can I hear my song on a particular show?
That is determined by the radio station and it is out of our hands. We will try to inquire about times and days and pass any information along to you. It also depends if the station streams a live feed online.

Do you promote regional campaigns? I only want to get airplay in a specific area.
We are open to this option, but we don’t recommend it. It’s impossible to know where your song will break. You never know where the song will do well. You severely limit your options by only focusing on one area. A national campaign is a much smarter choice. Regional campaigns have a risk to fail.

Are there other services that you could provide to us during our campaign?
Yes, depending on what you are looking for, we have services that range from banner advertising, open-ended recorded interviews, tour booking, legal assistance, video promotion, media announcements, industry consultation, video promotion, distribution production, international promotion, publicity and more. Just let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to help you out anyway we can. If it’s not an area we cover we know other professionals who do and we frequently use..

Why do I have to pay up front rather than week to week?
For several reasons. By paying up front, we are able to do our job without interruption which in turn will benefit your campaign. If an artist were to pay week by week and did not pay one week, the campaign would suffer by loosing momentum for the week not paid. The stations will not take the project seriously if we are inconsistent in promoting the campaign because an artist is inconsistent in paying for the campaign. If your campaign also includes us coordinating and hiring outside help we need to be able to pay them upfront as well.

Can you help me get signed?
It is possible. Working with a lot of major labels helping develop their artists we are always looking for artists to send their way. Additionally they turn to us to see who we are working with. If your music starts to react at radio we have relationships with presidents of various record companies and VP’s of A&R. We have been involved with artist signings to Atlantic, Curb, Motown, Columbia/Sony in the past and it’s a win/win situation for all parties involved.

This all sounds great but why should I choose Howard Rosen Promotion?
Our staff has a passion for music and radio. Most of our employees have worked in various areas of the industry and have developed strong relationships over the years giving our team more insight and knowledge and a better understanding of the promotional side of the music industry. Please click here to read about our company and employees.