December 2013

December 2013 News

Spotify Reveals Artist Payment Amount

Spotify has revealed how much it pays artists for having songs streamed via their service. Through their Spotify for Artists website, the company revealed that they pay 0.6 cents to 0.84 per song on average. Spotify says that a “niche indie album” earned $3,300 and a “global hit album” received $425,000.

Since 2008, Spotify has paid out over one billion dollars, with $500 million just this year. It’s also noted that the money paid out goes to labels, managers, songwriters and artists.

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Aimee Mann Victorious in Round One of Digital Music Lawsuit

Aimee Mann brought a lawsuit against MediaNet after 120 of her songs were allegedly used improperly. Mann says that the license agreement for those songs expired after three years.

MediaNet argues that a valid license was a provision of their agreement with Mann that lasted after the license agreement ended. The judge has sided with Mann and states “Accordingly, Mann has adequately alleged that MediaNet does not have a Section 115 compulsory license to use her pre-December 5, 2003 and post December 4, 2006 songs.”

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Beats Music Coming in January

Trent Reznor’s Beats Music will be available in January. The music streaming company will be a direct rival for Spotify. Reznor was named chief creative officer for Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s Beats Electronics.

Warner Music Company’s Access Industries has invested $60 million into the company.

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