April 2012

April 2012 News Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch Dead at 47 Beastie Boys member and co-founder Adam “MCA” Yauch has succumbed to cancer at age 47.  Diagnosed in 2009 after find a tumor in his salivary gland, he underwent surgery and had radiation treatments. Yauch’s battle with cancer delayed the release of the Beastie Boy’s last album, Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2. The band last performed live together in 2009. He was also absent from the band’s induction into the Hall of Fame ceremony last month. His band mates didn’t want to perform without him, so Kid Rock, Travie McCoy & The Roots did. A letter from Yauch was read to the crowd by his fellow Beasties. In 1979, Yauch along with Adam “Ad-Roc” Horowitz and Mike “Mike D” Diamond founded the Beastie Boys. Licensed to Ill, their first album, was released in 1986. He also directed many of their music videos under the name Nathianel Hornblower. They were one of the first artists to bring rap into the mainstream.  By 2010, they hold sold over 40 million records worldwide. Yauch was also very involved in the Free Tibet movement. In the 90s, he co-created the Tibetan Freedom Concerts. Watch the video for “Sabotage”. Jason Mraz’s Best Week Ever “Love Is a Four Letter Word” is the new album by Jason Mraz. Last week, it debuted at number 2 on the SoundScan/Billboard charts. This accomplishment marks Mraz’s highest debut ever. He sold over 100,000 copies, which is his largest sales ever. The lead single “I Won’t Give Up” climbed over the one million sales mark, making it platinum. Mraz discusses the album and its title in an interview with CNN.com. “It’s an album of love songs, but not just through the filter of romanticism. It’s also through compassion and empathy and love of our natural world. At the end of the project, I still didn’t feel like these 12 songs summed up what love is. I was like, ‘I don’t know. Love is a four letter word.'” To read the rest of the article, click this. Watch the “I Won’t Give Up” video. For more on Jason Mraz, visit www.jasonmraz.com Record Store Day is April 21 Tomorrow is the 5th annual Record Store Day! Nationally, over 700 independently owned record stores participate in the event. Hundreds more participate internationally. Artists that participate release their music in one of three ways: Record Store Day Exclusive, Record Store Day Limited Run and Record Store Day First Release. In the first category, the music will only be available on Record Store Day. Extremely limited copies of music available only on Record Store Day fall under the second category. In the last category, the music is available first on Record Store Day and is available in other places in about 4-6 weeks. On the website, you can find a full list of artists that are participating in Record Store Day. The list is available in PDF form and Pull Down Menu on the website. Not sure if you have a local record store participating in the event? The website has you covered with a search engine.     Axl Speaks Again A week after taking to the internet to share why he was rejecting his Hall of Fame induction ceremony, he wrote a new letter. This time he apologized to those he offended by not accepting the honor. He stresses that he is not attacking the Hall of Fame. Rather, he is just questioning why certain artists are chosen, who chooses them, where the money goes, etc. He also apologizes to the city of Cleveland for not apologizing to them last week. So, Axl is sorry. Axl would like you to read the letter in full (he says so in the final paragraph after he signs his name). Be sure to read the paragraph after he signs his name. He really wants you to read it.  Tupac performs at Coachella Coachella was this past weekend and while many artists performed and made surprise appearances, nothing is being talked about more than Tupac. Tupac, who was killed in 1996, performed with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg via 3D Hologram. Seriously. There’s video proof right here. (warning: NSFW) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012 Recap The 27th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place this past Saturday. Axl Rose wasn’t the only rocker to pull out of the ceremony. Rod Stewart, who was to be inducted with his band Faces, also declined to attend. John Frusciante, former guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers also decided not to come. Slash almost backed out because of all the Axl drama, but decided to attend because of his wife. GNR guitarist Izzy Stradlin did back out. Beastie Boys Adam Yauch didn’t attend because he’s recovering from cancer. The Beasties didn’t perform at all since they didn’t want to perform minus Yauch. Kid Rock, The Roots, and Gym Class Heroes’ Travie McCoy filled in. They did a medley that included “So What’cha Want” and “Sabotage”. LL Cool J & Chuck D inducted the Beastie Boys. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong inducted Guns ‘N Roses. Though there were “F*** Axl” chants throughout the evening, no one from GNR mentioned him by name. Myles Kennedy filled in for Rose during the band’s performance, which included “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. Chris Rock inducted the Red Hot Chili Peppers and told the story of how he saw the band on accident after trying to go to a Grandmaster Flash show. The band performed with three drummers, including former drummers Cliff Martinez and Jack Irons. The band performed “By The Way”, “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” and closed with “Give It Away”. On Saturday May 5, HBO will air the ceremony. For more on the ceremony, click here.   Jack White’s Balloon Experiment Comes Back Down Remember when I told you that Jack White was releasing “Freedom at 21” on flexi-disc via balloons? Now, they’ve fallen back to Earth in the south. So far, they’ve been recovered in southern Tennessee and in Alabama. One Alabamian is selling the single on eBay for over $1800. Absurd? Sure, but there have been 36 bids with 5 days remaining. Head over to Third Man Record’s website to see the map of where the flexi-discs landed (http://thirdmanrecords.com/balloon). Click on each balloon (no pun intended) to see photos and read the stories of the flexi-disc’s voyage. Axl Rose Rejects the Rock and Hall of Fame Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has pulled the ultimate F**k You. His band is scheduled to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 14. Rose posted an open letter just four days before the big event and told the world he isn’t coming. And no one is to induct him in absentia. He starts off the letter saying that he was initially “honored and excited”. But, after discussing the induction with Hall of Fame board members as well as listening to fans and critics, Rose changed his mind. “…no offense meant to anyone but the Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony doesn’t appear to be somewhere I’m actually wanted or respected. For the record, I would not begrudge anyone from Guns their accomplishments or recognition for such.” The rest of the letter can be read here. To see which artists will be inducted on Saturday, click this. Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup” Now at Top 40 Toby Keith unleashed his drinking sing-a-long “Red Solo Cup” to country radio where it has received massive airplay. The song has now spread to other genres. So far, the song has reached #9 on the US country songs (Billboard), #15 US Billboard Hot 100 and #27 on the Canada (Canadian Hot 100).  “Red Solo Cup” has also been RIAA Certified Platinum. The ubiquitous song started out as a joke among co-writers Jim and Brett Beavers and The Warren Brothers (Brad and Brett). The song was never meant to be recorded, but that all changed when Toby Keith got hold of the song. “It’s so insane! I love him for it, because I really do think it’s the dumbest song he’s ever recorded, and it might be the greatest song he’s ever recorded, so I don’t know!” says Brett Warren. To read more about the story behind the lyrics, go here. You can watch the celebrity filled video for “Red Solo Cup” now.   Jack White Finds a New Way to Release Music…a Helium Balloon This is no April Fool’s joke. On April 1, Jack White’s record label, Third Man Records, released the single via 1,000 helium balloons. “Freedom at 21”, an unreleased track from the upcoming Blunderbuss, was released on flexi discs. The discs were attached to balloons which were then released from the Third Man headquarters in Nashville. According to Spin.com, it is most likely that only 100 of the released balloons will ever be found. If found, there is a postcard attached to tell the lucky person how to upload photos and tell the story of where the balloon was located. To watch video of the helium ballon release, go here.