September 2014

Kayssion AD Going for Official CMJ Adds 9/15 & 9/16


Kayssion AD is going for official CMJ adds with his album, My Songs My Way.

The artist had been touring the United States of America from 1998 to 2000 in a cultural exchange programme with the group ‘Voices of Praise from the Motherland’ and was the lead singer. The group sang traditional as well as gospel songs.

The album is a mixture of soft rock, ballads and adult contemporary.
Some of the tracks are receiving airplay at local radio station (SBIS).  Dludlu is the executive producer and composer of the album.“The album is versatile but basically it touches on the strength of love, disappointments in life and I am sure the public will love it.

“I have been working on the album since last year but got a breakthrough early in the year 2013,” Dludlu said. Dludlu noted that he chose the title, ‘My Songs My Way’ because the album is unique and original. The sound and audio production was done by Sabelo ‘Subjamz’ Sithungo, who has worked with the likes of Tiyas, Phathwakahle, KRTC, to mention but a few, as well as Muzi ‘Dem Dem’ Masina.

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Angeles Band Impacting Top 40/Hot AC

Angeles Band logo

Angeles Band is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with their take on “Monster Mash”.They’re also currently at Top 40/Hot AC radio with “My Girl”.

The Angeles Band is comprised of guitarist Lytle vocalist Winters along with
drummer John Merritt, and bassist John Azar. The band continues to tour and
amaze crowds time and time again with their brand of classic rock with the right
blend of pop sensibilities matched with the sounds today’s versatile music listener
wants to hear. Dale Lytle, the bands leader commented ‘We hope our existing fans
like what we have made for them in Seriously Fun and really hope we can continue
to excite new followers of the band with our music.”
The newest change has been that of Daphne Winters becoming our lead vocalist, after the tragic loss of Fallon, who died while doing one of the things she loved. Riding her motorcycle. She is terribly missed, and one of our heavily-played songs “Monster Mash” (an annual Halloween favorite) was with her at the helm.

Daphne, a singer-songwriter and plays the guitar, has brought a new sound to Angeles Band, with her own style of a bluesy rhythm, coupled with strong, hard-hitting vocals that will nail you to a wall.

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Marshall Stone Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Marshall Stone

Marshall Stone is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “How You See It All”.

Marshall Stone is a singer-songwriter who loves to perform and write music for a wide variety of genres. Equipped with acoustic playing that sounds like multiple instruments at once, Marshall specializes in creating fully encompassed songs with a differing degree of instruments involved. His main genres are rock, pop, and crossover, but has a tendency to blend in elements from many styles.

Currently working on his first solo album, with his goal being “writing whatever sounds good to me but also to the audience as well”, he has been previewing the material throughout the solo acoustic shows that he has been performing within the Maryland area. Formerly in the Baltimore hard rock band, The Euphorics, he has performed in such venues such as Rams Head Live, Recher Theatre, Baltimore Soundstage, House of Rock, and Fish Head Cantina. Marshall is currently in an r&b/classic rock/americana band called Los Swamp Monsters, specializing in tearing up the stage with tight improv and material while keeping a relaxed down to earth feel at the same time.

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Characula Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Characula is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Graveyard Party”. She also has a second single, “Mummy Dance” impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio.

For more on Characula, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Colton Cerny Going for CMJ Adds 9/2


Colton Cerny is going for official CMJ adds with his album Hoax Over Sleepytown.

Colton Cerny is an emerging young talent, poised and ready to unleash his passion on the Austin music scene and beyond. Heavily influenced by old-time rock and roll, Cerny’s debut album, Hoax Over Sleepytown, is also infused with traces of folk, a little R&B, and a plenty of soul. Hoax Over Sleepytown effectively harnesses an eclectic mish-mash of style, delivering a potent cocktail of intensity and rhythm along with engaging lyrics.

Born in Texas, but raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when nine year old Colton discovered The Beatles he knew then he would never be content as a mere listener, “It became very clear my life was going to be about making music not just enjoying it”. Picking up the guitar at age thirteen he started writing poetry and found his voice. Colton’s inspiration comes from the joys and sorrows of the human experience and a desire to tell stories through his songs. His musical influences cross genres and span the decades: to name a few — Phil Spector, The Animals, The Seeds, Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Rodriguez, Sam Cooke, Bo Diddley, Loudon Wainwright III, Bob Seger and James Brown.

After graduating high school, Cerny returned to Texas to pursue his dream. For a year he played gigs around Austin. In addition to solo shows, he would occasionally play alongside his friends’ bands during their sets. He then turned towards making his first album, and devoted all of his resources to the creation and execution of Hoax Over Sleepytown which was released in July of 2013.

For more on Colton, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Gerard Singh Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Gerard Singh

Gerard Singh is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with his single,  “Crazy”.

Gerard Singh is a regionally renowned singer, songwriter and musician. With a long run of performances spanning two decades, Gerard first started performing in Johor Bahru in 1988, moving on to Singapore in 1989 for a 6 month stint, before returning to Johor Bahru. Soon after, he was awarded 1st prize in the solo category of Carlsberg’s acclaimed “Top of the Pubs” competition, for a jaw-dropping solo performance.

In 1995, he moved back to the Klang Valley, where he has been performing up until today. After two years, he decided to move in directions other than the band. It was an Australian wine company, “Yalumba” that then honored him, together with four other musicians, with an award for remarkable contributions to the local music scene. Gerard’s debut album, “A Slice of the Pie” which was launched in 2004 has garnered a lot of attention from the local media. His album was also nominated for two awards in the 2005 annual A.I.M. awards (Anugerah Industri Musik).

For more on Gerard, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Characula Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Characula is impacting Top 40/Hot AC with her single, “Mummy Dance”.

Defying explanation and categorization, Characula is a horror rock goddess with a difference. Currently living in Southern California, she is neither a vampire, nor a werewolf, mummy or any other creature known from myth and folklore. Part sci-fi, part horror  and all glamor, she-demon Characula is an entity to behold –and hear!

When she’s not devouring tarantulas or sucking the souls from the anciently departed, Characula has built herself a reputation as an ardent participant in ménage-a-monsters, scouring the streets for creatures and taking them to her bed. She is a black widow and seducer of B-movie incarnates. A literal lady of the night!

Uber-eccentric and a progenitor of  sizzling sci-fi seduction, Characula is the alter-ego of singer-songwriter Cheri Anaclerio, who is looking to make the rock-horror character into an edgy, memorable reflection of her own spiralling imagination.

It’s a truly unique musical project, produced by renowned rock specialist Dito Goodwin (No Doubt, Great White, KISS, Motley Crue). With an album on the way, ‘Mummy Dance’ is our first glimpse into the unknown – a fever dream the likes of which we’ve not seen before.

For more on Characula, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.