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Howard Rosen Promotion Artists in Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update

Howard Rosen Promotion ( has artists in the September 27, 2012 edition of Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update.

Look for Hedley and Rabid in this week’s issue.


Uncharted Shores at Radio Now

Howard Rosen Promotion ( artist Uncharted Shores is at radio now with Uncharted Shores.

The California band formerly known as One Direction, whose albums are titled The Light and Uncharted Shores, will now be known as Uncharted Shores.

For more on Uncharted Shores, visit their Facebook, Twitter, and website.


Leah Kamiya Impacting Radio Now

Howard Rosen Promotion ( artist Leah Kamiya is impacting radio now with Because the Night.

Raised on an inspiring dose of Pat Benatar, Natalie Merchant, Madonna and Shakira, the Japan born, New Jersey bred singer and performer discovered her calling early”at age 13 to be exact, when she set foot in a Tokyo studio to record tracks for TDK Electronics, where her grandfather was VP at the time. She spent many of her childhood and teenage summers in her home country, where her grandparents exposed her to the dazzling R&B/jazz stylings of Wada Akiko, known affectionately as Akko and renowned internationally as the Aretha Franklin of Japan.

While developing her powerful chops as a singer and taking years of private instruction, Leah began setting her sights on becoming a multiple-threat performer, training in multiple styles of dance”ballet, tap, modern jazz and hip-hop. Life threw her a few crazy curveballs that pushed her career pursuits aside for several years.

The best part of recording and releasing ˜Because The Night’ is that I am finally starting to live out my dream, says Leah. This is what I’ve always wanted to do”sing and perform and touch people with music.

For more on Leah Kamiya, visit her website and Facebook.

Gatlin Beach Impacting Radio Today

Howard Rosen Promotion artist ( Gatlin Beach is impacting radio now with Might As Well Be A Model.

Beach is a rap/pop/hip hop artist began entertaining family and friends with original music at the age of ten. Now 21, he is preparing to release his first album.

Beach says, My music is very progressive. I want it to be timeless and appeal to people from all sorts of backgrounds. But most importantly, I just do what feels right and try to make music that I would want to hear. I don’t try to imitate or be like other artists; it˜s all about creating your own sound. I made this album to show people who I am and what they can expect in the future.

For more on Gatlin Beach, visit his Facebook, website, and Twitter

Franky Manzo Impacts Radio on September 24


Howard Rosen Promotion ( artist Franky Manzo is impacting radio on September 24 with MJ’s Coursing.

Of the song, Manzo says This song encompasses everything I wanted in my first song because of my love for Michael Jackson and the era of disco I heard as a child from my mom.

Along with singing and writing, Manzo is also an accomplished dancer. She has performed with Solange Knowles, Destiny’s Child, and Britney Spears, among others.

For more on Manzo, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Howard Rosen Promotion Artist in Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update

Howard Rosen Promotion ( has an artist in the September 20, 2012 edition of Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update.

Check out Hedley in this week’s issue.

Sandbox’s Tour Dates

Sandbox will be hitting the road this fall.

Below are the tour dates:

September 30-The Great Lawn (Treasure Island), San Franciso, CA

October 1-The Zoo Oroville, CA

October 2-King’s Tavern Paradise,CA

October 4-The Triangle Inn Salem, OR

October 5-Central Saloon Seattle, WA

October 14-Last Stage West Atascadero, CA

Eric Dill Impacts Radio on September 17

Howard Rosen Promotion ( artist Eric Dill is impacting radio on Monday, September 17 with War With the Wolves.

Dill says the idea for the track came from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. It’s a message of hope with a strict disclaimer that reads: you are gonna have to fight for yourself against the monsters of the world, he explains.

Dill is the former lead singer of the band, The Click Five. Working with Chris Daughtry and Nickelback’s Chad Kroger, Dill wrote and produced Daughtry’s No Surprise. Dill earned two BMI Pop Awards in 2010 for his work on No Surprise.

For more on Eric, visit

Howard Rosen Promotion Artists in Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update

Howard Rosen Promotion Artists in Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update

Howard Rosen Promotion ( has artists in the September 6, 2012 and September 13,2012 editions of Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update.

For the September 6 issue, 2012 , look for Sophie.

In the September 13, 2012 issue, look for Hedley.