January 2015

Sophia Daniz Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Sophia Daniz

Sophia Daniz is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “Adorkable”.

Singing from the age of two and taking voice lessons from the age of five, Sophia began her professional career around the age of ten. She could be likened to famous pop artists such as Demi Lavato or Selena Gomez.

Inspired by the independence of artists such as Demi Lavato and the dynamic voice of Celine Dion; Sophia has embarked on a whirlwind career that appears to be taking her exactly where she wants to be, at the top.

For more on Sophia, visit her website and Facebook.


Fifth Freedom Going for Official CMJ Adds 1/26 & 1/27

Fifth Freedom

Fifth Freedom is going for official CMJ adds with their EP, s/t.

Since its inception in the early 2000’s, Fifth Freedom has struggled and fought for every inch it has gained, intent on bringing its own unique blend of heavy hitting, hard rock music to the masses. Songs that tell stories of what it is to be human, songs that hit hard and leave a lasting impact on their listeners – music that isn’t afraid to be loud, aggressive and in-your-face while still touching on the subjects everyone can relate to.From the very first note to the last sustained chord,Fifth Freedom is a musical force to be reckoned with.

The future of Fifth Freedom (as with any band) always remains uncertain; “We could be playing in our home-based band room for years – the rest of our lives even – or we could be on the road with Skynyrd themselves someday.” says a level-headed but confident Alan Jones, “And I think either way we will always be happy.”

Fore more on Fifth Freedom, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Ashlynne Vince Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Ashlynne Vince

Ashlynne Vince is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Hold On To Love”.

Ashlynne Vince is a 17 year old singer/songwriter who has had the privilege to work with many well-known artists on both sides of the border. You can see Ashlynne as a regular performer down on Broadway in the heart of Music City…. or at one of the several summer festivals closer to home – in and around Ontario.

For more on Ashlynne, visit her website and Facebook.

You & I Impacting Top 40/ Hot AC Radio


You & I are impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “Hopes.”

Before all else, You & I is a group of four friends whose musical identities became
apparent at a young age and ultimately led them to meet one another. At home with
their families, they were immersed in a rich variety of pop, dance music and
progressive rock. Even before their adolescent years, they were introduced to musical
theory and took up their instruments.Brothers, friends, classmates; Ludovick
(vocals), Laurent (percussion and back vocals), Nicolas (Rhythm guitar and back
vocals) and Jean-Simon (lead guitar, keyboard and back vocals) were brought
together by a shared love for playing music together.
Through countless improvised jam sessions, there came a day when the four
accomplished musicians realized that they shared a remarkable passion for music and
composition and they made the decision that their work would be best shared with
friends and future fans.It was on that day, in 2010, that You & I came to be the group
of four aspiring artists that it is today.
The modest family basement in a northern Montreal suburb where the band came
into existence has since been transformed into a recording room, paying sweet tribute
to the familiar tradition of home-made studios that all aspiring musicians dream of
building from their toddler years onward.You & I does not seek to follow any preconceived
plans for success in the music industry, however. Ludovick, Laurent,
Nicolas, and Jean-Simon look to take the road less travelled, set their own goals and
follow their own rules.The artistic chemistry of You & I revolves greatly around their
knack for music composition.
The scores and lyrics are written collectively, and take influence from everyday
anecdotes, encounters with love, the stories of each individual member and an
optimistic outlook on that which the future holds. The band’s sound is pop rock, the
scores are carefully crafted, and the lyrics tell tales that we can all relate to and

You & I borrows its name from “And You And I”, the title of a song by the legendary
progressive rock group Yes. The inclusive nature of the name intends to pay homage
to the important bond between the group and its fans, as well as the bonds within the
band itself.

For more on You & I, visit their website & Facebook.

Christine Storm Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Christine Storm

Christine Storm is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda”.

National recording artist Christine Storm has performed throughout the world, has been a prolific songwriter, and continues to tap into her wide range of life experiences for her music.

For more on Christine, visit her website and Facebook.


Madisyn Elise Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Madisyn Elise is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Sky High”.

In an era of cookie-cutter pop idols, 14-year-old Madisyn Elise is blazing her own path to stardom. A talented artist with entrepreneurial vision, Madisyn writes her own material, plays multiple instruments and co-owns the independent music label MEK7 Entertainment. Madisyn’s trademark sound is a bold mix of pop, rock and R&B that channels her youthful energy, with positive, inspirational lyrics that reflect a maturity far beyond her years. Case in point is her debut single “Crazy, Crazy,” a powerful anti-bullying anthem she wrote after being harassed by peers at school.

“This one experience kind of tipped me over,” said Madisyn, a native of College Park, Georgia. “I was just really tired and sad and depressed, and I wrote that song because of everything that I had been through.”

For a teen artist who just began pursuing a music career in 2011, these are lofty achievements. And for Madisyn, they’re just the beginning. Looking ahead, the gifted 8th-grader continues to write and record music, with plans to release an album in the near future and hopes to one day develop other artists and spread her inspirational messages across the globe. When asked about her vision of long-term success, Madisyn answers not in terms of fame or fortune, No. 1 hits, platinum records or prestigious awards, but the lives she can change.

For more on Madison, visit her Facebook and Twitter.


Rabid Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Rabid is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Groovy Feet”.

Rabid brings you fresh hard rock music for today.

For more on Rabid, visit their Facebook.

Freddee T. Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Freddee T. is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Shadows on the Wall.”

Freddee T. has a desire to make his own unique mark in the musical world, and that desire is coupled with a drive to hold more control over his own destiny. Today he’s doing just that.

Freddee was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He was classically trained in violin and voice, but was also influenced by a range of musical sounds. Freddee was influenced by such vocalist as Otis M. Redding, James Brown, Al Green and Pavarotti.

Freddee’s musical career has never been static – it’s continually growing and evolving. Freddee’s mixture of R & B, Funk, and Electronica is absolutely dynamic. He has produced many artists around the world. Freddee has also shared the stage with artist such as Rod Stewart, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Aerosmith, Buddy Miles, Elvin Bishop, Al Cooper, Isy and the Family Stone, Buddy Guy and Jr. Wells, Albert King, Cactus, J Giles to name a few.

For more on Freddee, visit his website and Facebook.


Marshall Stone Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Marshal Stone is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Good Times Never Fade”.

Marshall Stone is a singer-songwriter who loves to perform and write music for a wide variety of genres. Equipped with acoustic playing that sounds like multiple instruments at once, Marshall specializes in creating fully encompassed songs with a differing degree of instruments involved. His main genres are rock, pop, and crossover, but has a tendency to blend in elements from many styles.

Marshall worked on a Song a Day project, in which he focused on writing one song per day for as long as possible. By the time that project winded down, he had enough songs to work with to record his debut album. Featuring a unique mix of rock, country, singer-songwriter and americana music, Good Times Never Fade features performances by keyboardist Rami Jaffee of The Foo Fighters, along with singer-songwriter Shane Gamble, guitarist Bryan Ewald, and drummer Mike Dawson (Editor of Modern Drummer).

For more on Marshall, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Brendan Kelley Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Brendan Kelley 2

Brendan Kelley is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Meant to Be”.

Boston’s Kelley may be 21, but he sounds 35. Having briefly relocated to Austin for a wet-behind-the-ears debut, this time he headed to Nashville like a modern day Dylan, only not to make a country pop statement. With a voice that bears passing resemblance to Stevie Wonder, Kelley exists in a place between classic rock and commercial alternative. And though occasionally that tricky sonic fit hangs in the air more than delivers his songwriting, like Maroon 5, when he comes down squarely in the former, you see precocious talent. E.g., “I Love You Not” flits between Pink Floyd’s “Money” and John Lennon’s White Album tracks, with a minor hail to Hendrix and Cream/Dominoes/Blind Faith-era Clapton. He does soul-pop, too on the lightened “Live My Dreams. with Jonny Lang.

Fore more on Brendan, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.



Characula Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Headstone-new Artwork

Characula is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Headstone”.

Defying explanation and categorisation, Characula is a horror rock goddess with a difference. Currently living in Southern California, she is neither a vampire, nor a werewolf, mummy or any other creature known from myth and folklore. Part sci-fi, part horror  and all glamour, she-demon Characula is an entity to behold –and hear!

When she’s not devouring tarantulas or sucking the souls from the anciently departed, Characula has built herself a reputation as an ardent participant in ménage-a-monsters, scouring the streets for creatures and taking them to her bed. She is a black widow and seducer of B-movie incarnates. A literal lady of the night!

For more on Characula, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Angeles Band Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Angeles Band logo

Angeles Band is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Little Bit Extra”.

Southern California rockers the Angeles Band is comprised of guitarist Lytle vocalist Winters along with drummer John Merritt, and bassist John Azar. The band continues to tour and amaze crowds time and time again with their brand of classic rock with the right
blend of pop sensibilities matched with the sounds today’s versatile music listener
wants to hear. Dale Lytle, the bands leader commented ‘We hope our existing fans
like what we have made for them in Seriously Fun and really hope we can continue
to excite new followers of the band with our music.”

For more on Angeles Band, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

November 2014

Manning Going for Official CMJ adds 11/17 & 11/18


Manning is going for official CMJ adds with his album, Love Justice. 

When you listen to “Love Justice”, Brett Manning’s debut album, you hear that voice calling to you, the voice that belongs to your friend who has come to show you the way home. Truly. Brett’s lyrics are an inventive roadmap through broken relationships, lost hopes, and unrequited loyalty from a guy who’s found his way again and found himself stronger than before. And his voice, pure and true in every note, sends those lyrics straight to your heart. With twenty years of experience in music (most recently with his wildly successful vocal training company ‘Singing Success’ and his product ‘Mastering Mix’), Brett guides his fellow musicians on “Love Justice” with consummate artistry and skill. Personal vocal coach to Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Paramore’s Hayley Williams, Brett Manning is a brilliant artist in his own right who at long last is taking centerstage.

For more on Manning, visit his websiteFacebook, and Twitter.

The Vincent Michael Project Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


The Vincent Michael Project is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “Christmas In New York”.

An original single by Vinny Raschelle, a native of New York and a member of Kill Van Kull.

For more, visit Vincent Michael’s website.


Lisa Troyer & Dawn Yoder Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Lisa Troyer & Dawn Yoder are impacting Top 40/Hot AC with “Season of Joy”.

Songwriters Lisa Troyer (www.lisatroyer.com) and Dawn Yoder (www.dawnyoder.com) invite you to celebrate the season of joy with Circle of Friends. Familiar favorites are creatively updated, new classics that will become your favorite Christmas songs for years to come. Lisa & Dawn’s mellow arrangement of Love Is The Answer/Tell Me The Story has found its place on national playlists in Germany during the 2012 and 2013 Christmas season. Inspired by the warm reception across the sea, Lisa & Dawn have written more than 20 new Christmas songs.

“Season Of Joy” from the album IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME is an album that gives back. When you purchase this album on iTunes for $9.99 now through Thanksgiving Day, $5.00 from each sale will be donated to Operation Christmas Child. Remember you can also gift this album to a friend via iTunes and help children around the world celebrate the Season of Joy.

For more info, visit Lisa’s Facebook, and website, and Dawn’s website.


Daniel Mark Baird Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Daniel Mark Baird

Daniel Mark Baird is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Hey Santa!”

Daniel Mark Baird makes his living as a computer systems administrator, but he’s been interested in music since an early age. “I vaguely recall being placed on the hood of our old Ford station wagon in a restaurant parking lot somewhere and being encouraged to sing,” says Daniel. “I was probably four years old, and there wasn’t much of an audience, but someone told me to sing—so I did.”

As a teenager, Daniel learned to play the guitar and began to write songs. In 1995, at their annual American Eagle Awards, the Country Music Associations of America named him Songwriter of the Year for his penning of “Heart Donor.” Says Daniel of his writing: “I can’t just sit down and write a song. Something has to inspire, and it’s almost always real life.”

Although he is only a part-time musician, Daniel has done a number of public performances at churches, weddings and elsewhere.

For more on Daniel Mark Baird, visit Facebook and Twitter.



Trans-Siberian Orchestra Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Trans-Siberian Orchestra is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Christmas Eve Sarajevo” and “Christmas Cannon”.

When Paul O’Neill first conceived Trans-Siberian Orchestra, his goal was as straightforward as it was incredibly ambitious. “The whole idea,” he explains, “was to create a progressive rock band that would push the boundaries (of the genre) further than any group before… Way, way further.”

With more than 10 million albums sold, TSO has inspired generations of fans to rediscover the multi-dimensional art form of the rock opera. Meanwhile, on the road, they have become one of the world’s top acts, with Billboard magazine naming TSO as one of the top touring artists of the past decade — a $20 million-plus production that has played to over 100 million people in 80+ cities, selling more than $280 million worth of tickets and presenting $11 million to charity.

For more on Trans-Siberian Orchestra, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

October 2014

RDGLDGRN Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


RDGLDGRN are impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with their single, “Elevators”.

RDGLDGRN (pronounced red gold green) have already distinguished themselves in the DC music scene. Their highly stylized sound (that Go Go drum beat- a distinct DC rhythm) takes hip-hop infused punk and indie rock to create something refreshingly unique, is getting attention from fans stretching far beyond the DC niche scene.

Comprised of three members who identify as Red, Gold, and Green, RDGLDGRN began making music in their basement studio, drawing from a vast and almost ironically diverse pool of influences like Chuck Brown, Vampire Weekend, Outkast, The Neptunes, and Bad Brains. What many might consider a wildly ambitious, even impossible task to pull off, RDGLDGRN managed to effortlessly combine genres of music to create something new, something all their own, and something that has the music industry buzzing with excitement.

For more on RDGLDGRN, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.



Silversel Going For Official CMJ Adds 10/13 & 10/14

Silversel Battlegrounds

Silversel is going for official CMJ adds with their album, Battlegrounds.


Hailing from the rich cotton fields of south Georgia, a five piece band of brothers announced their arrival on the music scene as only they could. Splynter, as their name implies, were very invasive of their surroundings. Which is the exact impression they made on the music scene. Founded and led by front man Richard Gates and Drummer Richard Saldano, the band toured the southeast enlightening the masses with their own brand of post-Southern, Hard Rock and Alternative Rock. While carving their own niche into the ever changing world of music, their high energy and entertaining shows afforded them the opportunity to support some of the greatest names in rock, like Molly Hatchet, Pat Travers, Ghost Riders and many more and including era members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws, Firefall, Pure Prairie League, Jimmie Van Zant, Gregg Allman Band.

The sudden departure of Richard Gates from the band in early 2009 left them in disarray and in desperate need of a new front man. As they began to pick up the pieces, they went on the hunt for a new lead vocalist. While playing several music festivals, one name kept coming up: Wally Silver. Silver’s arrival signaled a new era for the band, known then as Daysleepers. Rounding out the band was long time friend and Bassist John Wagnon and vibrant guitarist Justin Myers. Upon signing with T&T Management and Booking and Mira Vista records the band decided to change the name one last time to help ensure their place on a national and international scale. Hence, Silversel was born. With a new lead vocalist and a new name, the band went back to doing what they do best, touring and creating great music. Bassist John Wagnon has had to take some time off and Bassist George Adkins has filled in to take John’s place. Being signed with Mira Vista Records, Tate Music Group and Big Noise and took their place in the Music Industry of today. Silversel has recently been signed with SMG / SONY RED and looking forward in 2014, Silversel worldwide with SMG/SONY RED. Presently, Silversel is touring the country incorporating rock, blues, country, metal, and their own unique style of rock, while continuing their climb to the top and showing no signs of coming down. These are the tours they are a part of today.

For more on Silversel, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Van Wild Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Van Wild

Van Wild is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with her single, “Cherry Tree”.

Yasmine Van Wilt is a North-American singer-songwriter, writer and actress. She’s completed a PhD in Creative Writing and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

Van Wild is a musical project by Yasmine Van Wilt. Yasmine’s previous projects have reached number 7 in the UK Music Week Charts generated consistent play all major UK music TV channels. She has been awarded by numerous organisations including Disney and the US government.

For more on Van Wild, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.





Rick Kelly Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

RK logo

Rick Kelly is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “She’s A Star”.

Rick Kelly is an American born singer /songwriter/producer known mostly for his pop songwriting on releases like Monrose’ Work It/Shame (Universal) a top ten single in Europe, and Close to You, a #1 smash in Asia for megastars Arashi(Fuji Pacific/Pony Canyon).

Rick Kelly has the kind of voice and a knack for melody that is both richly and warmly familiar, like the classic pop styles of Neil Diamond, Billy Joel or Frank Sinatra, or even someone more contemporary, like John Mayer. Yet it’s different from anything else you have ever heard. He’s like someone that you think you may have met before, but can’t quite put your finger on when and where.

For more on Rick, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

September 2014

Kayssion AD Going for Official CMJ Adds 9/15 & 9/16


Kayssion AD is going for official CMJ adds with his album, My Songs My Way.

The artist had been touring the United States of America from 1998 to 2000 in a cultural exchange programme with the group ‘Voices of Praise from the Motherland’ and was the lead singer. The group sang traditional as well as gospel songs.

The album is a mixture of soft rock, ballads and adult contemporary.
Some of the tracks are receiving airplay at local radio station (SBIS).  Dludlu is the executive producer and composer of the album.“The album is versatile but basically it touches on the strength of love, disappointments in life and I am sure the public will love it.

“I have been working on the album since last year but got a breakthrough early in the year 2013,” Dludlu said. Dludlu noted that he chose the title, ‘My Songs My Way’ because the album is unique and original. The sound and audio production was done by Sabelo ‘Subjamz’ Sithungo, who has worked with the likes of Tiyas, Phathwakahle, KRTC, to mention but a few, as well as Muzi ‘Dem Dem’ Masina.

For more on Kayssion AD, visit his Facebook.


Angeles Band Impacting Top 40/Hot AC

Angeles Band logo

Angeles Band is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with their take on “Monster Mash”.They’re also currently at Top 40/Hot AC radio with “My Girl”.

The Angeles Band is comprised of guitarist Lytle vocalist Winters along with
drummer John Merritt, and bassist John Azar. The band continues to tour and
amaze crowds time and time again with their brand of classic rock with the right
blend of pop sensibilities matched with the sounds today’s versatile music listener
wants to hear. Dale Lytle, the bands leader commented ‘We hope our existing fans
like what we have made for them in Seriously Fun and really hope we can continue
to excite new followers of the band with our music.”
The newest change has been that of Daphne Winters becoming our lead vocalist, after the tragic loss of Fallon, who died while doing one of the things she loved. Riding her motorcycle. She is terribly missed, and one of our heavily-played songs “Monster Mash” (an annual Halloween favorite) was with her at the helm.

Daphne, a singer-songwriter and plays the guitar, has brought a new sound to Angeles Band, with her own style of a bluesy rhythm, coupled with strong, hard-hitting vocals that will nail you to a wall.

 For more on Angeles band, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Marshall Stone Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Marshall Stone

Marshall Stone is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “How You See It All”.

Marshall Stone is a singer-songwriter who loves to perform and write music for a wide variety of genres. Equipped with acoustic playing that sounds like multiple instruments at once, Marshall specializes in creating fully encompassed songs with a differing degree of instruments involved. His main genres are rock, pop, and crossover, but has a tendency to blend in elements from many styles.

Currently working on his first solo album, with his goal being “writing whatever sounds good to me but also to the audience as well”, he has been previewing the material throughout the solo acoustic shows that he has been performing within the Maryland area. Formerly in the Baltimore hard rock band, The Euphorics, he has performed in such venues such as Rams Head Live, Recher Theatre, Baltimore Soundstage, House of Rock, and Fish Head Cantina. Marshall is currently in an r&b/classic rock/americana band called Los Swamp Monsters, specializing in tearing up the stage with tight improv and material while keeping a relaxed down to earth feel at the same time.

For more on Marshall, visit his website and Facebook.


Characula Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Characula is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Graveyard Party”. She also has a second single, “Mummy Dance” impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio.

For more on Characula, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Colton Cerny Going for CMJ Adds 9/2


Colton Cerny is going for official CMJ adds with his album Hoax Over Sleepytown.

Colton Cerny is an emerging young talent, poised and ready to unleash his passion on the Austin music scene and beyond. Heavily influenced by old-time rock and roll, Cerny’s debut album, Hoax Over Sleepytown, is also infused with traces of folk, a little R&B, and a plenty of soul. Hoax Over Sleepytown effectively harnesses an eclectic mish-mash of style, delivering a potent cocktail of intensity and rhythm along with engaging lyrics.

Born in Texas, but raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when nine year old Colton discovered The Beatles he knew then he would never be content as a mere listener, “It became very clear my life was going to be about making music not just enjoying it”. Picking up the guitar at age thirteen he started writing poetry and found his voice. Colton’s inspiration comes from the joys and sorrows of the human experience and a desire to tell stories through his songs. His musical influences cross genres and span the decades: to name a few — Phil Spector, The Animals, The Seeds, Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Rodriguez, Sam Cooke, Bo Diddley, Loudon Wainwright III, Bob Seger and James Brown.

After graduating high school, Cerny returned to Texas to pursue his dream. For a year he played gigs around Austin. In addition to solo shows, he would occasionally play alongside his friends’ bands during their sets. He then turned towards making his first album, and devoted all of his resources to the creation and execution of Hoax Over Sleepytown which was released in July of 2013.

For more on Colton, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Gerard Singh Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Gerard Singh

Gerard Singh is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with his single,  “Crazy”.

Gerard Singh is a regionally renowned singer, songwriter and musician. With a long run of performances spanning two decades, Gerard first started performing in Johor Bahru in 1988, moving on to Singapore in 1989 for a 6 month stint, before returning to Johor Bahru. Soon after, he was awarded 1st prize in the solo category of Carlsberg’s acclaimed “Top of the Pubs” competition, for a jaw-dropping solo performance.

In 1995, he moved back to the Klang Valley, where he has been performing up until today. After two years, he decided to move in directions other than the band. It was an Australian wine company, “Yalumba” that then honored him, together with four other musicians, with an award for remarkable contributions to the local music scene. Gerard’s debut album, “A Slice of the Pie” which was launched in 2004 has garnered a lot of attention from the local media. His album was also nominated for two awards in the 2005 annual A.I.M. awards (Anugerah Industri Musik).

For more on Gerard, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Characula Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Characula is impacting Top 40/Hot AC with her single, “Mummy Dance”.

Defying explanation and categorization, Characula is a horror rock goddess with a difference. Currently living in Southern California, she is neither a vampire, nor a werewolf, mummy or any other creature known from myth and folklore. Part sci-fi, part horror  and all glamor, she-demon Characula is an entity to behold –and hear!

When she’s not devouring tarantulas or sucking the souls from the anciently departed, Characula has built herself a reputation as an ardent participant in ménage-a-monsters, scouring the streets for creatures and taking them to her bed. She is a black widow and seducer of B-movie incarnates. A literal lady of the night!

Uber-eccentric and a progenitor of  sizzling sci-fi seduction, Characula is the alter-ego of singer-songwriter Cheri Anaclerio, who is looking to make the rock-horror character into an edgy, memorable reflection of her own spiralling imagination.

It’s a truly unique musical project, produced by renowned rock specialist Dito Goodwin (No Doubt, Great White, KISS, Motley Crue). With an album on the way, ‘Mummy Dance’ is our first glimpse into the unknown – a fever dream the likes of which we’ve not seen before.

For more on Characula, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

August 2014

The Honeyrunners Going for Adds 8/25 & 8/26
The Honeyrunners are going for official CMJ adds with EP II.

The Honeyrunners are a modern consequence of music alchemy – rock & roll with the raw soul of a Motown band and the brashness of 90’s punk. They find influence in artists, current and past, who write honestly, entertain, push boundaries, and work hard to impact their audience. With the release of live concert series Small World Sessions, The Honeyrunners EP 2 (July 25, Gypsy Soul/Fontana North) and a Frosh tour in the Fall, 2014 will lead the boys down a path they have sought out since teenage-hood.

In the two years since their inception, The Honeyrunners have shared stages with The Balconies, U.S.S., King Khan & BBQ Show, Head of the Herd, Gino Washington & more. They recruited Jeff Heisholt (The Trews, The Skydiggers, Peter Elkas) to play B3 organ on the new album, recorded at Toronto’s coveted Phase One Studios. 2013 saw the band’s first single, “Jet Set”, featured in an international Bacardi campaign, followed by a hook-filled love letter dedicated to their stomping grounds on “My Garage”, adopted by Coca-Cola’s 52 Songs of Happiness. The placements garnered attention and The Honeyrunners followed suit in DIY fashion with three Canadian tours, two appearances on Canada AM, radio play across the country and 150+ gigs to earn their keep in front of crowds of all sizes. In short, the band doesn’t sleep much and it seems to do the trick.

For more on The Honeyrunners, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Retro X Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio
Retro X
Retro X is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “Baby Let’s Try”.
Retro X are Skip and Zaff. Born in the Caribbean but raised and living
in New York City. Having a father who was a musician spark the brothers
early interest in music. Despite dad’s opposition, the brothers along
with three other siblings formed a self contain band. After a few years
playing mainly in the tri-state area of the east coast, the other members
seeking different interests, the group disbanded. However, Skip & Zaff
carried on.

With a few record releases in recent years, their work can be heard
as musicians and producers with other local artists and as well as with
them as artists.
Jason Wells Going for Official CMJ Adds 8/18 & 8/19
Jason Wells is going for official CMJ adds with his LP, The Modern Vintage Movement.
Jason Wells walked away from the security of an hourly job to pursue a music career. Many have called him crazy, but Jason realized that you only have one life to live and he wants to make a difference with his life. In 2008 when the economy went bad and everyone was loosing there jobs, Jason didn’t escape the trouble. He was laid off work for a year and a half and turned that opportunity into his chance to start his music career. A year and a half later Jason had the chance to go back to work, and he caved in to the pressure of what seemed sensible. But four months later, Jason father passed away from cancer. This was the moment he realized that he was in the wrong place. Many thought he was not handling the loss very well but to Jason, it was fuel to the fire to start living.
Now it’s time to get to some Rock N Roll! ”The Modern Vintage Movement” is a rock album! Everywhere you look you see vintage repackaged into the modern age. radios, cars, alarm clocks, clothes…you name it, look around you will see the modern vintage movement. Jason’s CD is classic rock and classic rock is coming back! If it’s not, it is now.
For more on Jason, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.
The Breakpoint Method Going for Official CMJ Adds 8/18 & 8/19
The Breakpoint Method is going for official CMJ adds with their LP, Thanks for Nothing.
Originating in a town with little to no music scene, The Breakpoint Method has played a huge role in reviving Central Kansas’ excitement for live music. As the number of played shows grew, so did their fan-base. Faced with the famous “you’ll never make it in Kansas” line, The Breakpoint Method has proven themselves worthy of national attention and have achieved many goals deemed unreachable.The band formed in 2008 by a group of friends (Barrett Jones, Jimmy Lands, Eric Reid, and Shawn Hay) who all shared the same drive and dedication. Two short months after the band formed, they released a demo to the public that gained them quick and authoritative popularity in their area. The demo tracks even won them spots on the 2009 Taste of Chaos and Vans Warped Tours, both in St. Louis, MO. After playing to crowds of that magnitude, they realized it was time to buckle down and make the band a full time commitment.Having shared the stage with national acts such as Four Year Strong, Spineshank, Seasons After, Thursday, Pierce the Veil, In this Moment, Adema, and countless others, they quickly found that they could hold their own with the same bands that inspired them at a young age. The Breakpoint Method’s live performance continuously dropped jaws; citizens of Kansas had not seen that type of performance from local talent in a long time.
For more on The Breakpoint Method, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.
Ron Pope Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio
Ron Pope is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Nothing”.

Brooklyn-based, Ron Pope is much more than the labels and stereotypes he’s acquired during his budding career: Recording artist. Musician. Rock star. Guitar player. Songwriter. Vocalist. Performer. Ron is a musical Renaissance Man, writing, composing, recording, producing, managing, and igniting his own career. He’s stood at a crossroads where so many musicians find themselves — at the intersection of record label and independence. In an ever-evolving industry filled with rejection and compromise, Ron has plotted a new course for his music to reach loyal listeners, taking the industry-road-less-traveled in exchange for the ultimate payback, a league of devoted fans the world over.

As one of the highest selling independent artists on the music scene today, Pope has sold over 1.5 million singles, achieving nationwide and international success. His  singles have been featured on NBC’s “The Voice,” CW’s “Vampire Diaries” and “90210” and multiple seasons of FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” which sent two of his albums into the top 100 on iTunes simultaneously. He recently was honored by premier digital music distributor TuneCore, where he has released 10 albums and 25 singles including one of his biggest hits, “A Drop in the Ocean.”

Pope’s ninth studio album, Calling Off the Dogs, finds the passionate singer/songwriter expanding upon his rootsy sound with a set of atmospheric, moody songs. The album follows up Pope’s last two albums, 2012’s Atlanta and Monster. Ostensibly a concept album, Calling Off the Dogs finds Pope investigating the twists and turns of one couple’s relationship, from when they first meet and fall in love to when they finally say goodbye. Best known for the single “Drop in the Ocean,” Pope is a journeyman artist with a handful of independent releases under his belt and no signs of slowing down. Recorded with a broad sonic palette that features layered, evocative guitar, delicate piano, electronic beats, and, as always, Pope’s yearning vocals, Calling Off the Dogs is one of his most mature albums to date.

For more on Ron, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Christy Angeletti Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio
Christy Angeletti Train Wreck
Christy Angeletti is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Train Wreck”.
Christy Angeletti is a cutting-edge singer/songwriter whose
beauty and magnetism are only surpassed by her amazing sense
of connection to the human experience and her ability to express
it in song. A charismatic mix of insightfulness and hippie-chic
sensitivity, enhanced by a whimsical yet kickass attitude, Christy
Angeletti’s writing articulates the sensibilities of the generation
through her perspective. Themes of grace and strength radiate
throughout her music.”There is nothing in this world that makes me happier than my
songwriting. I love to record songs that evoke the feelings of
strength and love, or even express sadness. I love to sing and
write songs that have a little attitude and tell things how they are.”
For more on Christy, visit her website, Facebook, & Twitter.
Lindy Vision Going for Official CMJ Adds 8/11 & 8/12
Lindy Vision
Lindy Vision is going for official CMJ adds with their EP, Pink & Black.

Lindy Vision is a three-piece girl band originating from Albuquerque. They’re made up of singer-songwriter Dorothy Cuylear, lead-guitarist Natasha Cuylear, and drummer/beat maker Carla Cuylear. The three sisters grew up in southern New Mexico listening to Motown legends such as the Temptations and the Supremes, and other heroes of their teenage years include David Bowie, Marc Bolan, The Clean, and Joy Division. Originally named Black Natives, the creation of the band was inspired by the Strokes’ debut album Is This It. The band made its public debut in 2012 in New Mexico under a name change from Black Natives to Lindy Vision. The name change was originally inspired by The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley.

Over the years, the band has crafted a unique sound that is highly influenced by 80s new wave. The band manages to maintain a pop element with catchy melodies while also revealing honest personal experiences with their raw lyrical content. The band to date has self-released several mixed tapes. In the summer of 2014, the band will make their first official release in the United States of their highly anticipated EP, Pink and Black.

For more on Lindy Vision, visit their website & Facebook.

Che-Val Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio
Che-Val is impacitng Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “My Beat”
It’s not disco… and it’s not Madonna… Che-Val is beautifully crafted modern alternative pop emerging from urban depths with crashing melodies and pulsating bass lines that will make your heart hurt! A husband and wife team, Che-Val was launched initially from infatuation, but quickly evolved into the realization that both partners have an explosive passion to create a unique musical genre that will speak to a whole new generation of music lovers.
As a powerful musical duo, Laura and Kenny Cash blend live orchestration with hypnotic synths to conjure their very own edgy sound. Husband / multi-instrumentalist / composer, Kenny Cash produces Che-Val’s debut track “My Beat,” which will be available as a free download. The song is an homage to the ’80s and early ’90s (sax solo and all), evoking images of record shops and vinyl sleeves, and featuring a spattering of allusions to different artists of that inspiring era: everyone from MC Hammer to Billy Joel.  Their EP entitled Gone Mad is set for release in 2014.
Initially, Kenny received a scholarship to the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Later, he opened the Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT and hasn’t looked back since! He’s worked with Fred The Godson, Sid Wilson (Slipknot), Capadonna (Wu-Tang), Ron Saint Germain, and more, even earning praise from rap’s legendary KRS-On. As a result, Kenny has earned a reputation as a hip hop beat master as well as remix extraordinaire within the EDM genre.
From a moody and smoke-filled studio, Kenny has emerged enlightened, having amassed thousands of hours of real time studio wisdom. Now, with his talented wife / songwriter Laura by his side, Che-Val is a natural musical progression for both.
Inspired by her father playing free jazz on his Fender Rhodes and her grandmother who sang opera at Carnegie Hall, Laura began filling notebooks with original lyrics and melodies. Currently, Laura pours her heart and soul into a computer hard drive, engineering her own vocals to perfection. Laura and Kenny’s passion and support for each other led to their provocative name and, as a result, Che-Val was born!
One of the first things the couple bought together for their home was a Cheval, which is a large mirror that swings in a frame. The name also means “support”. Their music is like the reflection that shadows Yin and yang: “interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.”
Attracted to the art that billows within the sound, Laura and Kenny focus on how their music corresponds to imagery. The duo’s title track will match striking visuals with their innovative sounds. Laura’s voice glides along electronic tides in “Gone Mad,” and the beautiful savagery is mesmerizing in its starkness: “We are animals primed for attack.” Euphoric yet dystopian, the song makes listeners duck for cover while egging them on to anarchic indulgence. As Che-Val plays with the dark and the light, the black and the white, an opposing track, “The Lead” picks up speed, marrying contemporary dance-music with a soulful delivery.
Che-val’s ingenuity as talented songwriters with a passion for art undoubtedly has an advantage over the other teams out there. The duo’s strength and support—their yin-yang—shines within the songs and showcases their ability to collaboratively create their very own genre of cutting edge music.
For more on Che-Val, visit their website.

July 2014

Orisha Sound Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Orisha Sound

Orisha Sound is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “World War Three” featuring Beenie Man.

Orisha is a recording artist and actress based in Los Angeles US and Kingston Jamaica of Russian and Brazilian ancestry. Singer and multi-instrumentalist, at nine years old, she was a child-prodigy virtuoso, touring in Europe and the United States. Since then she has appeared on stage and in studio with Stevie Wonder, Stanley Clarke, Anthony Hamilton, Devante Swing, Flo Rida, Snoop Lion, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Sizzla, Sly & Robbie, Beenie Man, Jae Deal, Bounty Killa, Alaine and many others.

Her compositions combine elements of reggae, dancehall, electronic, hip-hop and world music. Orisha Sound live show – is a mix of great music and true entertainment. She had performed in places like House of Blues, Hard Rock Café, Key Club, Viper Room, Kite Festival and many more. “I don’t stay in one place – I move a lot – enjoying the beat of the streets, stages and studios all over the world”.

For more on Orisha, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

High 75 Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

High 75

High 75 is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Turn It On”.

With High 75’s July 22 2014 release of their debut album “All Night” they are ready to take on the masses with their signature summertime pop driven songs. They are sure to have you dancing and singing along with their first radio single “Turn It On” . The band is made up of Tyler Chapman (Lead vocals, guitar) Colin Scott (vocals, bass) Eddy Engel (guitar, vocals) Kayton Zarhloul (drums/percussion). Their summertime beach vibe comes from their hometown on the largest freshwater beach in the world, Wasaga Beach, Ontario Canada .
The band teamed up with songwriter/producer’s Jesse Colburn (formally Avril Lavigne) and Aaron Verdonk (Stereos) to blend their music styles and create an album full of memorable hooks and lines that drive you crazy.

For more on High 75, visit their Facebook and Twitter.

Angeles Band Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Angeles Band logo

Angeles Band is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “My Girl”.

Southern California rockers the Angeles Band has released their first single from
the album Seriously Fun, with “My Girl”! The classic masterpiece takes on a whole
new life as the Angeles Band vocalist Daphne Winters meshes with guitarist and
respected music vet Dale Lytle like peanut butter goes with jelly.
The Angeles Band is comprised of guitarist Lytle vocalist Winters along with
drummer John Merritt, and bassist John Azar. The band continues to tour and
amaze crowds time and time again with their brand of classic rock with the right
blend of pop sensibilities matched with the sounds today’s versatile music listener
wants to hear. Dale Lytle, the bands leader commented ‘We hope our existing fans
like what we have made for them in Seriously Fun and really hope we can continue
to excite new followers of the band with our music.”

For more on Angeles band, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Christall Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Christall is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “Set Apart”.


Christall was born to sing. From the tender age of 7 years she was rehearsing her performances to the inspiration of Olivia-Newton John, Dolly Parton and The Village People. As a solo artist and songwriter, her music still reflects some of these early influences, particularly, with regard to Christall’s electro dance pop sound which combines with subtle country overtones. Christall was born and raised in Durban, South Africa and now finds her home in Kyalami, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Christall loves the studio and has worked on a number of recording projects which have culminated in her current EP Into the Sunshine soon for release through digital sales and on CD. Christall’s combination of disco, pop, dance and country merge to create an electrifying sound that beautifully showcases Christall’s uplifting voice. Christall’s songs will with no doubt take you into the sunshine, providing inspiration, motivation and a beautiful way of looking at life.

In Durban, and while studying, Christall could be found performing at venues like the well-known beachfront nightclub, Sandpebbles. During this stint, she was fortunate enough to meet the famous English Pop band Right Said Fred, who offered Christall some direction and inspiration. After her studies, Christall followed her music calling to New York City where she lived for 6 months, and teamed up with other local New York bands. Christall has always been involved in music projects some of which include collaborating with Afro-pop band Seed and showcasing her talent with them to Warner Bros Record Company. Christall has also made a number of corporate appearances, including events like the annual Nedbank Green Day.

For more on Christall, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

June 2014

Joe Given Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Joe Given is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Terrifying Love”.


At the age of 21, award winning singer, songwriter, performer, Joe Given, has played at over 500 events and venues.  With his smooth powerful voice, charismatic presence, and gift of story-telling, Joe has the ability to connect with a wide range of audiences.

His style is mainly indie pop/rock, with a little R&B and folk.

His second Album, “So Much More”, was released in December, 2012.  Influenced by pop and indie rock, this album combines Joe’s usual acoustic feel, with some electronics and computer beats.  The theme of the album relates to love, heartbreak and self discovery.  Through some of his music, Joe promotes a message of individuality, believing that, when people are true to themselves, they become “So Much More”.   For more info re the album visit: JoeGiven.com/musicAs a prolific songwriter, he has written many new songs, with many ready for the studio.

For more on Joe, visit website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Vava Voom Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Vava Voom is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Supersonic” featuring Sean Kingston.

Vava Voom

Vava Voom is a true musical artist that embodies the meaning of the term in every way, while adding creative dimensions to the already popular expression. Talented, amorous and always down for a good time. She’s taking “wow” in a new direction!

From the city of Zürich in Switzerland, engrossed in the Swiss music landscape, Vava Voom’s early recordings were a product of experiences from her childhood and teen years.Some good, some bad but in either case, a young girl trying to find her way in the world. However, inspired by the many changes of and feelings of growing into a young woman, as well as the allure and influence of the evolving American music scene, Vava Voom was and still is a dreamer.

Chasing those dreams while on a holiday trip to America in 2010 changed her life. A chance meeting with a like-minded producer and songwriter would make it possible for her to live the dream of working on her music outside of Switzerland. Compiling a host of trips and experiences in New York City, Vava Voom’s music and style would start to take on a new look, shape and sound. Pop music that she thought was fun, sexy and cool, with no
boundaries, and the imagery to accompany that. From electro and indy-pop, to house and genre bending traces of rock and urban, nothing was off limits. “It sounds like a uniquely directed, cool iTunes radio station. Lots of stuff that you like all in one.” With this newly found confidence, she got her bearings as a songwriter, guitarist, piano player and a
powerhouse singer, “at the same damn time”! Influences from ground breaking pop artists from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s are reflected in her melodies and tracks, but her voice and message together are distinctively her own. What is that message? Simple, just to “Go out, live life, and have fun doing it. Keep evolving and never stop being a dreamer. And listen to some good music in the process :)”!

For more on Vava Voom, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Connecting Stars Going for Official CMJ Adds

Connecting Stars is going for official CMJ adds June 16 & 17.


Connecting Stars are a South African Folk Rock Duo featuring Cheryl and Martin Engel. Officially formed in 2012, Connecting Stars have already forged a welcome melodic sound, combining the sweetness of blended vocal harmony with a down home acoustic atmosphere. Acoustic guitar, piano and haunting melody form the backbone of the Connecting Stars experience. Cheryl and Martin counterbalance each-other perfectly, bringing tenderness and genuine emotion to their harmonies, subtly accompanied by glockenspiel, ukulele, harmonica and mandolin. Cheryl Engel draws on difficult, painful and joyful life experience to craft sincere poetry that forms the lyrical basis of Connecting Stars memorable songs. As a live act, both Martin and Cheryl’s years of musical experience and intuitive interaction make for unforgettable live performances. With a storied history in the South African music scene, both have been singing and playing, together and separately, on stage and in the studio for over 10 years. Cheryl is a veteran studio session singer and Martin was formerly both the manager and bass player of the award-winning rock band tree63, as well as the owner of Dog Ears Studios and Sesalos Media, a leading South African recording studio and video production company.

The self titled debut release of South African, Folk Rock Duo, Connecting Stars, is a welcome breath of fresh air, blending heartfelt lyrics with memorable melody and understated production. The 12 tracks take the listener on a musical and lyrical journey spanning the everyday struggles and celebrations of this good life. The album alternates between joy and heartache. The album opens with the soaring “Pieces” that speaks of the broken pieces of two peoples lives coming together to form a beautiful whole. The ethereal “Pink Blossoms” reaches beyond this world to a lost love. “Trampled” is a brooding request for absolution from a lover whose attentions could not be reciprocated. While the album reaches a fitting climax in the final track with the anguished electric and acoustic slide guitar driven folk rock anthem “Lonely”. So do yourself a favor, take yourself off to one side and take a real listen to this first initiate offering from Connecting Stars. It’s a real treat. There’s only one first time you’ll get to listen to this remarkable new musical duo and enjoy being the one who is the first to recommend it to others.

For more on Connecting Stars, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Diamante Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Diamante is impacting Top 40/ Hot AC radio with “Bite Your Kiss”.


At only 17, this rocker with her self written songs, has also taken home the title of Best Rock Record at the Indie Music Channel Awards two years in a row, as well as wins in the categories of, Best Young Rock Artist, Best Rock Recording, Best Music Video for “IMPOSSIBLE,” and the coveted title of Teen Artist of the Year.
Emerging from the east coast to the entertainment capitol of the world, teen sensation DIAMANTE has exploded onto the Hollywood music scene. Bringing her rocker girl style to a world dominated by men, DIAMANTE is infused with determination to beat the guys at their own game.

She breaths a fresh new style to the music and fashion scene alike and can be compared to a modern day Pat Benatar or Debbie Harry. Her unparalleled sound comes from vibrant, edgy powerful, yet innocent vibrato tone, making her voice a rare diamond in music. She displays an unforeseen depth in her lyrics and a tiny crying cadence in her edgy voice that quietly screams experience beyond her years. DIAMANTE may be young, but she is already one of the hardest working artists in the business as shown by her numerous awards. As her collection of awards continues growing, so does her fan base.

For more on Diamante, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Kevin Miso Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Kevin Miso is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Zombie”.

Kevin Miso

In the past two years, Kevin Miso has played over 300 shows, sharing the stages with artists as varied as Augustana, Sublime with Rome, John Cruz, and The English Beat. Completely independent and with a grass roots approach, Miso has linked up with producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Howie Day, Augustana) to collaborate on his debut EP.

His Hawaiian roots mixed with his Southern California upbringing blend an island sound with a more contemporary pop feel. His vibe is described as “The New Old School”.

For more on Kevin, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Larusso Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Larusso is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “The Voice”.

Larusso album cover

Combining smart hooks and catchy lyrics, Salt Lake City’s Larusso delivers high powered music for everyone. Having released six independently funded albums, with the latest being 2012’s “Tell Me Everything”, Larusso has become a local powerhouse and a significant presence in the western United States since its formation in 2003. Larusso has amassed a loyal local and national fan base through constant promotion, performing and touring and have big things planned for 2014 and beyond.

For more on Larusso, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

May 2014

Chasin’ Aces Going for Official CMJ Adds

Chasin’ Aces are going for official CMJ adds May 19 & 20


Hailing from Darwin, Australia, Chasin’ Aces is a driven, charismatic and unique female fronted rock and roll band.

Thriving within the lively and eclectic local music scene, the band set out to develop a sound that feels like a great compromise between the grit of alternative rock and the appeal of pop songwriting, not unlike acts the likes of Evanescence or Paramore, but with more marked classic rock influences.

Chasin’ Aces is a kaleidoscopic rock band that features musicians with different background; each bringing something truly unique to the table. Their studio recordings and live performance channel their approach and attitude in a very spontaneous and honest way; as portrayed by the band’s debut EP, produced by Brisbane’s very own Stuart Stuart, one of the best know local music producers.

It’s all about fat guitar patterns, tight rhythm sections and bright, heartfelt vocal hooks sitting on top of it all. The recipe is simple, but the way you stir the mix makes all the difference! In other words: personality is everything in a rock and roll band, and Chasin’ Aces don’t fall short of expectations.

For more on Chasin’ Aces, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Crossing Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

The Crossing is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “True North”.

The Crossing

Hailing from the indie/rock melting pot of sunny California, this hometown super band christened “The Crossing” makes it’s headway into the modern alt. rock scene. Vocalist/Guitarist Tad Kent ‘s collaboration with drummer Jared Ramos and guitarist Steven Darling lead to a fusion of rock and melody-driven instrumentation and verse. Fueled by high-energy emotive choruses blended with Kents’ bleeding-heart lyrics, Darling and Ramos’ powerful leads and compelling delivery, each track breathes it’s meaning in a powerhouse of honesty and rawness. The Crossing brings the familiar elements of rock back with a fresh notion of what it really means to write a song that moves a crowd.

For more on The Crossing, visit their  website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Wild Imaginaries Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Wild Imaginaries is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Carousels”.

Wild Imaginaries

Wild Imaginaries is a brand new pop rock outfit from San Francisco, CA making their debut with their first single “Carousels.” The band is composed of vocalist and bassist, Rob Marshall, pianist, Jesse Kyle, and guitarist, Nic Gracia. They are currently recording their yet to be titled debut release. “Carousels” can be found online through all major digital distributors and on most music streaming services.

For more on Wild Imaginaries, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Evolution Beat Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Evolution Beat is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Love Me More”.

Evolution Beat cover

Evolution Beat’s fusion of pop and contemporary ska began in the Ventura County/LA underground, where Garrett Stevens built a strong following as the main songwriter, vocalist and guitarist in the band, ElevatorSka (and a history of other SoCal bands) prior to teaming up with producer and studio musician, Kerwin “Skooter” Williams. Williams has worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg and on notable television and film scores, while also in demand for his talents as a session bassist. The duo formalized their partnership in late 2013 when Stevens and Williams co-wrote the radio single “Love Me More,” at the same time creating a new sound that neither of their former bands had previously produced.

For more, check out their Facebook page.

April 2014


Ships Have Sailed Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Ships Have Sailed is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “Midnight”.



The journey of Ships Have Sailed started with the band’s founder; Will Carpenter. An east coaster at heart, Carpenter grew-up in a small town in central Vermont. Raised by an array of renaissance women, Carpenter’s eccentric mother and four talented sisters influenced his pursuit of the arts. His musical exploration began at a young age when he learned to play the violin. He then moved to piano and without the means to do much else Carpenter found himself escaping the hardships of his childhood through songwriting. Once Carpenter discovered the legendary sounds of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and The Doors, he dreamed of making music that would change the world. Reveling in a Rock ’n’ Roll awakening, at the age of nine Carpenter learned to play the bass guitar, then quickly picked up an electric guitar and hasn’t let go since.
For the last eight years Carpenter has been submerged in the pop culture party that is the City of Angels. Having toured with several bands over the years, he is now having the time of his life playing lead guitar for 7Lions, a rock hip hop band signed to 2101 Records. Carpenter has become a fan of alternative icons like Coldplay, The Killers and others, their infectious melodies and innovative lyrics have inspired him to get back to his songwriting roots.

Forever devoted to making music that moves people, Carpenter built Ships Have Sailed, an artistic vessel into which he can pour his passion for songwriting. Although heavily rock influenced, the music of Ships Have Sailed has a more sensitive singer/songwriter vibe. The melodies of “Midnight”, the first single from Ships Have Sailed, are contagious; its tale of heartache and hope is so palpable it hurts. The Someday E.P., released on August 20, 2013, shows the spectrum of musical stylings that Ships Have Sailed has to offer, from its raw, acoustic lullabies to its synth-driven, rock anthems.


For more on Ships Have Sailed, visit the website, Facebook, and Twitter.


January 2011

More from The Novocaines! Follow the link below and check out the new single “Summer Waiting,” off The Novocaines album, due out in the states this fall. http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150214139933231&id=106257078230 GUY SEBASTIAN TONIGHT!AUSTRAILAN IDOL” SEASON 1 WINNER GUY SEBASTIAN will be LIVE on GOOM Thurs. 6/23 7-9 PM Eastern Standard Time. Go to www.goomradio.us & choose “Zang Radio” to listen. Guy is one of Australia’s best artists and is 20X platinum in sales. Guy’s current U.S. single, “Who’s That Girl” featuring Eve, has already gone four times platinum in Australia and is rapidly gaining airplay in the US. Check out “Who’s that Girl” here: http://pann.nate.com/video/216686622 Visit his official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/guysebastian Visit his official website: www.guysebastian.com.au Some of the stations across the US Guy can be heard on are: KHTE-FM (KHits 96.5) Little Rock,AK http://www.khits965.com/ KKXX-FM (Hits 93.1) Bakersfield, CA http://www.hits931fm.com/ WXYK-FM (107.1 The Monkey) Biloxi, MI http://www.1071themonkey.net/ WVYB-FM (WYB 103.3) Daytona Beach, FL http://daytonasun.com/WVYB.html KREV-FM (92.7 The Rev) San Francisco, CA http://www.927rev.com/ WCIL-FM (101.5 CIL) Carbondale, IL http://www.cilfm.com/ WXXX-FM (95 Triple X) Burlington, VT http://www.95triplex.com/ KLJT-FM (95.3/102.3) Tyler, TX www.mybreezefm.com KFRH-FM (1043 NOW) Las Vegas, NV http://www.1043now.com/ WXKB-FM (B103.9) Ft. Myers, FL http://www.b1039.com/ KSAS-FM (KISS 103.3) Boise, ID http://www.1033kissfm.com/pages/main KRCK-FM (97.7 KRCK) Palm Springs, CA http://www.krck.com/ WXLK-FM (K92 HD) Roanoke, VA http://www.k92radio.com/home.asp KDLW-FM (106.7) Albuquerque, NM http://www.1067omgradio.com KHOP-FM (KHOP 95.1) Modesto, CA http://www.khop.com/ KWNZ-FM (Z93.7) Reno, NV http://www.z937fm.com/ WSSX-FM (95SX) Charleston, SC http://www.95sx.com/ WBBO-FM (B 98.5) Monmouth-Ocean, NJ http://b985radio.com/ KVLY-FM (107.9 Mix) McAllen, TX www.mix1079.net iTunes vs music beta vs Amazon Cloud Drive– Feeling a little confused? Here are some comparison points: http://paidcontent.org/table/comparing-music-services-apple-vs-google-vs-amazon Bonnaroo to stream live on VEVO this weekend.  If you are one of the many who won’t be there in person, but instead in the comfort of your own AC- you can now pretend you are there.  Turn off the AC, skip the shower and watch: http://theaudioperv.com/2011/06/08/bonnaroo-theme-song-announced-vevo-to-live-stream-festival-this-weekend/ Guy Sebastian’s ‘Who’s That Girl’ Reaches 4 X Platinum! Congratulations to Guy Sebastian! Sales of “Who’s That Girl” have now reached 4 x PLATINUM status! The single has become only the 4th Australian artist single to reach that accreditation. Check out his ‘Who’s That Girl’ video by clicking the link below:


The Novocaines Having already played at such well-known music festivals, including Southbound, Perth Big Day Out and South By South West, these Aussies began to expand their fan-base with their March 2011 tour through the US. While touring,The Novocaines track Cup Of Coffee was selected for a major scene in the hit movie Scream 4. They are now on the radar of several major American labels such as Interscope, American Records, Atlantic and EMI/Capitol. The Novocaines are on their way to achieving international success. ‘Cup Of Coffee’-featured on the Scream 4 movie soundtrack’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9F27ZykUmU Check out Sickman Records’ Kaela Freeman, and her music video for ‘What Yo Name Is’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPaUd5pX7vI New songs from Sean Breed at www.seanbreed.com Check out his single “Superstar” and new song “I’m Gone” Kristen Henderson of Antigone Rising and her partner Sarah Kate Ellis have written a book sharing the details of what they went through to become parents.  The book, Time Two is due out April 5th 2011. http://www.afterellen.com/people/2011/03/sarah-ellis-and-kristen-henderson-share-their-stories-in-times-two Antigone Rising’s new album 23 Red will be released May 13th, 2011.