June 2012

June 2012 News

Howard Rosen Promotion Artists in Billboard’s Top 40 Mid Week Update

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) has a couple of artists on the charts in the June 28, 2012 edition of Billboard’s Top 40 Mid Week update.

Look for Stephanie Stack and Real Hooks in this week’s edition.

Young Rebel Set to Perform at Charity Event

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist Young Rebel Set will be playing at a charity event on July 13 at the KU Bar in the UK. They will be joining other local artists to raise money for Edward Devine.

The 4 year old boy is currently in the US receiving radiotherapy treatment for a brain tumor. The treatment lasts for 12 weeks. Devine was diagnosed at six months of age and has been undergoing treatments his entire life.

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Meet Howard Rosen Promotion Artist Dyslexic Postcards


Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist Dyslexic Postcards is going for adds Monday, June 25th.

Dyslexic Postcards can be described as “Tropical Trash”, attitude at any volume, a fashionably colorful stage performance & a sense of Marx brothers humor, these debauch rockers have started new era for Rock n’ Roll. Composed mind altering rock-n-roll you can dance to, paired along with insanely imaginative visual art, thus bringing the ultimate sensory experience.

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Meet Howard Rosen Promotion artist Sophie

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist Sophie is impacting radio on June 25.

Sophie is a nineteen year old singer/songwriter. Sophie has been writing songs since she was eleven. She has been singing all her life and has been performing since she was five. Sophie went to the studio to record her first song “Waiting For You” which was placed in the semi final of the International Songwriting Competition under 18. In 2008 Sophie recorded three more songs. “Strings Attached” was placed in the final of the International Songwriting Competition under age 18.

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Howard Rosen Promotion artists in Billboard’s Top 40 Mid Week Report

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) has a couple of artists in the June 21, 2012 edition of Billboard’s Top 40 Mid Week Report.

Look for Real Hooks and Stephanie Stack in this week’s edition.

Howard Rosen Promotion Artists in Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) has artists in the June 14, 2012 edition of Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update.

Jason Mraz moved up three spots this week to land at #32 on the Top 40 with his song “I Won’t Give Up”. The song climbed up two spots to #26 on the Hot 100 chart.

Look for the Real Hooks in this issue as well.

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Meet The Real Hooks

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist The Real Hooks is a four piece pop/rock band made up of siblings Maggie, Kyle, Raleigh and Nick. Their bass player is also their dad.

The Real Hooks have opened for many notable acts such as Allstar Weekend, Hawthorne Heights, and Go Radio. They have also recorded with Grammy Winning Frontman, Walter Orange, of the Commodores (“Brick House” anybody?) In recent months, The Real Hooks have headlined several local festivals in Pensacola, Florida.

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Howard Rosen Promotion Artists on Billboard’s Top 40 Mid Week Charts

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) has artists in the June 7, 2012 edition of Billboard’s Top 40 Mid Week charts.

Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up” climbed up five spaces to #35 on the Top 40 chart. The song also moved up two spots on the Hot 100 chart landing at #28.

Atom Smash and Real Hooks are also on this week’s chart.

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Hank & Cupcakes Naked Reviews

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist Hank & Cupcakes released their EP, Naked, on June 1.

Here are a few reviews.

Swerve Magazine

“Yes, they are a duo. But get thoughts of Jack and Meg or the Black Keys out of your head (btw what was the deal with the Black Keys and Johnny Depp?)”

“From “Born Again” to “Pleasure Town,” the album rarely slows down. It is pure kinetic energy, much like a live show from the two. “

“I have no idea what “Liquid Mercury” is, other than it might be quite painful. But the song is one of the catchier on the debut. “


“If you’re not sold the minute Cupcakes opens up “Born Again”, then you might need to see a doctor. The forty minutes that follow are awe inspiring and prove why Hank And Cupcakes deserve all the accolades they’ve been receiving. No two songs sound alike yet the continuity on NAKED is completely organic.”

“Is this the best debut of 2012? Quite possibly. At the very least, it’s the definitive album of the summer. NAKED has all the makings of a perfect album thanks to the solid songwriting and memorable hooks within.”

Catch Hank & Cupcakes on tour this summer.