January 2015

Sophia Daniz Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Sophia Daniz

Sophia Daniz is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “Adorkable”.

Singing from the age of two and taking voice lessons from the age of five, Sophia began her professional career around the age of ten. She could be likened to famous pop artists such as Demi Lavato or Selena Gomez.

Inspired by the independence of artists such as Demi Lavato and the dynamic voice of Celine Dion; Sophia has embarked on a whirlwind career that appears to be taking her exactly where she wants to be, at the top.

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Fifth Freedom Going for Official CMJ Adds 1/26 & 1/27

Fifth Freedom

Fifth Freedom is going for official CMJ adds with their EP, s/t.

Since its inception in the early 2000’s, Fifth Freedom has struggled and fought for every inch it has gained, intent on bringing its own unique blend of heavy hitting, hard rock music to the masses. Songs that tell stories of what it is to be human, songs that hit hard and leave a lasting impact on their listeners – music that isn’t afraid to be loud, aggressive and in-your-face while still touching on the subjects everyone can relate to.From the very first note to the last sustained chord,Fifth Freedom is a musical force to be reckoned with.

The future of Fifth Freedom (as with any band) always remains uncertain; “We could be playing in our home-based band room for years – the rest of our lives even – or we could be on the road with Skynyrd themselves someday.” says a level-headed but confident Alan Jones, “And I think either way we will always be happy.”

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Ashlynne Vince Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Ashlynne Vince

Ashlynne Vince is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Hold On To Love”.

Ashlynne Vince is a 17 year old singer/songwriter who has had the privilege to work with many well-known artists on both sides of the border. You can see Ashlynne as a regular performer down on Broadway in the heart of Music City…. or at one of the several summer festivals closer to home – in and around Ontario.

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You & I Impacting Top 40/ Hot AC Radio


You & I are impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “Hopes.”

Before all else, You & I is a group of four friends whose musical identities became
apparent at a young age and ultimately led them to meet one another. At home with
their families, they were immersed in a rich variety of pop, dance music and
progressive rock. Even before their adolescent years, they were introduced to musical
theory and took up their instruments.Brothers, friends, classmates; Ludovick
(vocals), Laurent (percussion and back vocals), Nicolas (Rhythm guitar and back
vocals) and Jean-Simon (lead guitar, keyboard and back vocals) were brought
together by a shared love for playing music together.
Through countless improvised jam sessions, there came a day when the four
accomplished musicians realized that they shared a remarkable passion for music and
composition and they made the decision that their work would be best shared with
friends and future fans.It was on that day, in 2010, that You & I came to be the group
of four aspiring artists that it is today.
The modest family basement in a northern Montreal suburb where the band came
into existence has since been transformed into a recording room, paying sweet tribute
to the familiar tradition of home-made studios that all aspiring musicians dream of
building from their toddler years onward.You & I does not seek to follow any preconceived
plans for success in the music industry, however. Ludovick, Laurent,
Nicolas, and Jean-Simon look to take the road less travelled, set their own goals and
follow their own rules.The artistic chemistry of You & I revolves greatly around their
knack for music composition.
The scores and lyrics are written collectively, and take influence from everyday
anecdotes, encounters with love, the stories of each individual member and an
optimistic outlook on that which the future holds. The band’s sound is pop rock, the
scores are carefully crafted, and the lyrics tell tales that we can all relate to and

You & I borrows its name from “And You And I”, the title of a song by the legendary
progressive rock group Yes. The inclusive nature of the name intends to pay homage
to the important bond between the group and its fans, as well as the bonds within the
band itself.

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Christine Storm Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Christine Storm

Christine Storm is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda”.

National recording artist Christine Storm has performed throughout the world, has been a prolific songwriter, and continues to tap into her wide range of life experiences for her music.

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Madisyn Elise Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Madisyn Elise is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Sky High”.

In an era of cookie-cutter pop idols, 14-year-old Madisyn Elise is blazing her own path to stardom. A talented artist with entrepreneurial vision, Madisyn writes her own material, plays multiple instruments and co-owns the independent music label MEK7 Entertainment. Madisyn’s trademark sound is a bold mix of pop, rock and R&B that channels her youthful energy, with positive, inspirational lyrics that reflect a maturity far beyond her years. Case in point is her debut single “Crazy, Crazy,” a powerful anti-bullying anthem she wrote after being harassed by peers at school.

“This one experience kind of tipped me over,” said Madisyn, a native of College Park, Georgia. “I was just really tired and sad and depressed, and I wrote that song because of everything that I had been through.”

For a teen artist who just began pursuing a music career in 2011, these are lofty achievements. And for Madisyn, they’re just the beginning. Looking ahead, the gifted 8th-grader continues to write and record music, with plans to release an album in the near future and hopes to one day develop other artists and spread her inspirational messages across the globe. When asked about her vision of long-term success, Madisyn answers not in terms of fame or fortune, No. 1 hits, platinum records or prestigious awards, but the lives she can change.

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Rabid Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Rabid is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Groovy Feet”.

Rabid brings you fresh hard rock music for today.

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Freddee T. Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Freddee T. is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Shadows on the Wall.”

Freddee T. has a desire to make his own unique mark in the musical world, and that desire is coupled with a drive to hold more control over his own destiny. Today he’s doing just that.

Freddee was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He was classically trained in violin and voice, but was also influenced by a range of musical sounds. Freddee was influenced by such vocalist as Otis M. Redding, James Brown, Al Green and Pavarotti.

Freddee’s musical career has never been static – it’s continually growing and evolving. Freddee’s mixture of R & B, Funk, and Electronica is absolutely dynamic. He has produced many artists around the world. Freddee has also shared the stage with artist such as Rod Stewart, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Aerosmith, Buddy Miles, Elvin Bishop, Al Cooper, Isy and the Family Stone, Buddy Guy and Jr. Wells, Albert King, Cactus, J Giles to name a few.

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Marshall Stone Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Marshal Stone is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Good Times Never Fade”.

Marshall Stone is a singer-songwriter who loves to perform and write music for a wide variety of genres. Equipped with acoustic playing that sounds like multiple instruments at once, Marshall specializes in creating fully encompassed songs with a differing degree of instruments involved. His main genres are rock, pop, and crossover, but has a tendency to blend in elements from many styles.

Marshall worked on a Song a Day project, in which he focused on writing one song per day for as long as possible. By the time that project winded down, he had enough songs to work with to record his debut album. Featuring a unique mix of rock, country, singer-songwriter and americana music, Good Times Never Fade features performances by keyboardist Rami Jaffee of The Foo Fighters, along with singer-songwriter Shane Gamble, guitarist Bryan Ewald, and drummer Mike Dawson (Editor of Modern Drummer).

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Brendan Kelley Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Brendan Kelley 2

Brendan Kelley is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Meant to Be”.

Boston’s Kelley may be 21, but he sounds 35. Having briefly relocated to Austin for a wet-behind-the-ears debut, this time he headed to Nashville like a modern day Dylan, only not to make a country pop statement. With a voice that bears passing resemblance to Stevie Wonder, Kelley exists in a place between classic rock and commercial alternative. And though occasionally that tricky sonic fit hangs in the air more than delivers his songwriting, like Maroon 5, when he comes down squarely in the former, you see precocious talent. E.g., “I Love You Not” flits between Pink Floyd’s “Money” and John Lennon’s White Album tracks, with a minor hail to Hendrix and Cream/Dominoes/Blind Faith-era Clapton. He does soul-pop, too on the lightened “Live My Dreams. with Jonny Lang.

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Characula Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Headstone-new Artwork

Characula is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Headstone”.

Defying explanation and categorisation, Characula is a horror rock goddess with a difference. Currently living in Southern California, she is neither a vampire, nor a werewolf, mummy or any other creature known from myth and folklore. Part sci-fi, part horror  and all glamour, she-demon Characula is an entity to behold –and hear!

When she’s not devouring tarantulas or sucking the souls from the anciently departed, Characula has built herself a reputation as an ardent participant in ménage-a-monsters, scouring the streets for creatures and taking them to her bed. She is a black widow and seducer of B-movie incarnates. A literal lady of the night!

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Angeles Band Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Angeles Band logo

Angeles Band is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Little Bit Extra”.

Southern California rockers the Angeles Band is comprised of guitarist Lytle vocalist Winters along with drummer John Merritt, and bassist John Azar. The band continues to tour and amaze crowds time and time again with their brand of classic rock with the right
blend of pop sensibilities matched with the sounds today’s versatile music listener
wants to hear. Dale Lytle, the bands leader commented ‘We hope our existing fans
like what we have made for them in Seriously Fun and really hope we can continue
to excite new followers of the band with our music.”

For more on Angeles Band, visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.