January 2012 News

January 2012 News

 Introducing Sweet Interference

Sweet Interference  is a five-piece band from Washington, DC who blend their various musical styles into a unique sound.

Here is the video for Disconnect.

They will be going for adds on 1/30 & 1/31.

Behind the scenes with Young Rebel Set

Last week, we introduced you to the UK’s Young Rebel Set.  Here’s a behind the scene look of the band before 2011’s Bestival.

They’ll be going for adds on 1/23.

Meet Kitty Clementine

Kitty infuses pop and blues into a big sound with an equally big voice.

Check out her video for “Blow That Horn” here.

She is also going for adds on 1/23.


Hank & Cupcakes impact radio again

“Liquid Mercury” is the new single ready to make waves at radio. Be on the lookout for the video soon. For the moment the band heads to Europe this week for a string of dates.

You can listen to “Liquid Mercury” here.


College News

Introducing Young Rebel Set

Young Rebel Set will be going for adds on 1/23.

Here’s their video for  Red Bricks.

Visit http://www.youngrebelset.co.uk/the-band/ to read their story.

Top 40/CHR News

“Watch Over Me” impacts radio

Go to www.hollyspears.com to hear the song.

Here’s the story behind the song:

“One night while living in Brentwood, TN, I was up late thinking about the scene in the movie “City of Angels.” Meg Ryan’s character was having trouble sleeping throughout the movie. In the scene that came to mind, her guardian angle laid down beside her in bed and wrapped himself around her. Peace came over he and she was able to sleep for the first time in a long time. That really resonated with me, as I had been struggling with anxiety. Seeing this scene in my head helped me to picture my guardian angel surrounding me with love during those anxious moments. At different points in my life I have forgotten I do have a guardian angel. On this particular night, I remembered that I do have a guardian angel and I fell in love with the idea that I am NEVER alone.”