February 2013

February 2013 News

Howard Rosen Promotion Artists in Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) has several artists in the February 28, 2013 edition of Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update.

Look for Sir Ivan, Uncharted Shores, Rabid, and Desert Dragon in this week’s issue.

Now Impacting CHR/Hot AC: Brittany Smooch

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist Brittany Smooch is impacting CHR/Hot AC with her song You’re the Type of Guy featuring Hayes.

Brittany brings a fresh lyrical approach to Hip-Hop and popular music drawing on her experiences growing up in Manhattan.
At the tender age of four, Brittany’s destiny began to take shape, whether dancing on a coffee table to Disney songs or singing the National Anthem for organized events, her natural talent became undeniably apparent. Later, after studying at Manhattans’ Turtle Bay Music School, Brittany began acting, and soon after, was cast in nationally aired commercials, which included spots for Chuckie Cheese, Febreze Air Freshener, Comedy Central and more. Around the same time, Brittany was sought after for voice over work, becoming the voice for the Peanut Doll character, SALLY. Brittany was also honored to lend her talents to educational tapes used world wide to teach English as a second language.
As Brittany entered her teenage years, she was fortunate to enjoy the urban culture and independence that growing up in NYC allows for without giving in to the negative influences that often go a long with teenage city life. Brittany was encouraged by her mother to translate her experiences into lyrics and gave Brittany Logic Pro for her 15th birthday. Soon after, Brittany began working with her first musical influence, Tony Donelson (AKA Carlos Bling) and recorded a demo. Once completed, Brittany’ s mother took the demo to Los Angeles where she quickly garnered interest from music industry heavy weights. It was then that Brittany teamed up with award winning hip hop writer Hayes, currently signed by Interscope through Dr Dre and Timberland with a catalogue that features Puff Daddy, Gucci Mane, Limp Bizcuit, Keri Hilson, Usher, Lil Jon, and many more. Very quickly, Hayes realized the raw talent and powerful story of her life, and the two began an on-going collaboration that produced Brittany’ s song, Your the Type of Guy.

For more on Brittany, visit her website and Facebook.

Neolythyc Impacting CHR/Hot AC Radio Now

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist, Neolythyc is currently impacting CHR/Hot AC radio with Feels Like Yesterday.

Mark is a world class drummer influenced by the great Neil Peart and leads the band with his killer lead vocals. Eric is an amazing rhythm guitarist, his melodic playing gives heart to the band and his aggressive riffs combined with his accuracy, puts his playing over the top; his sense of rhythm is mind blowing, to which Angelo plays scorching leads, filled with passion and pain. When you hear him play, you feel as if his soul were reaching out and grabbing you in and telling you its story. Jerry, influences by some of the most technical, funky, bassists out there, holds the band down like an anchor, his scaling abilities are phenomenal and he truly gives the band a pulse.

For more on Neolythyc, visit their Facebook and Twitter.

Chad Price Impacting CHR/Hot AC Radio

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist Chad Price is impacting CHR/Hot AC radio now with Another Day.

The twenty-six year old singer-songwriter has made the pop-rock genre his own by adding a heavy dose of smooth, acoustic based soul to it. I just want to make music that’s honest and real, explains Chad. He is an artist who knows his music and who has a clear vision of where he wants it to go: When I connect with people at my shows, I see the sincerity and passion that I put into my songs resonating with people. I think it’s allowing folks to connect with my music on a higher level than just another mindless, everyday pop song. Chad’s aim is to make music that is good for the mind, heart and soul and that translates in a live setting just as well as it does on the album.

Chad recorded In This Dream in the spring of 2011 with acclaimed music producer Bill Bell (Jason Mraz, Justin Nozuka, Tom Cochrane, etc) in both Toronto and Los Angeles. Some of the most respected session musicians in the music industry teamed up to lend their talents to this energetic and edgy debut record that credits such acclaimed musicians as Pat Kilbride (Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson), Lyle Molzan (Jann Arden, Terri Clark, Kathleen Edwards), Ron Lopata (Jacksoul, Ron Sexsmith, Ashley MacIsaac), Kevin Fox (Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Raine Maida, Chantal Kreviazuk), Dan Lavery (The Fray, Tonic), Pete Maloney (Dishwalla), and Diego Las Heras (Justin Nozuka).

For more on Chad, visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Howard Rosen Promotion Artists in Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) has several artists in the February 21, 2013 edition of Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update.

Look for Uncharted Shores, Sir Ivan, Rabid, and Desert Dragon in this week’s issue.

KEYLESS is Impacting CHR/Hot AC Now

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist KEYLESS is impacting CHR/Hot AC radio with Everything.

Keyless, pop solo artist from Memphis, TN, hits the scene with a roller coaster ride that takes you from pop to rock to those warm, catchy electronic club feeling vibes. In early 2011 Keyless teamed up with producer extraordinaire, Dave Cowell aka DJ Unlock at The Noise Factory Studios to start laying the ground work for what would become the debut album for Keyless. (HOT SHOT, 2013) The album is filled with commercial hit after hit and oozes radio as said by Kevin Nix of L. Nix Mastering from historic Ardent Studios. The album also features songs Deep End and Hot Shot mixed and mastered by Chuck Alkazian (Christina Aguilera, Elton John).

The highly anticipated Everything (mastered by Grammy award winner Brad Blackwood) tells the story of two young lovers trying to find their way in life and while the world seems to tear them apart, they try going their separate ways. The girl doesn’t feel loved and thinks she should move on but for her boyfriend moving on is not easy. He sees her face constantly and as the lyrics vividly describe, he desperately wants her to know how much she means to him and she is his everything.

For more on Keyless, visit his website and Facebook.

AyOH Going for Adds Now

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist AyOH is going for adds today and tomorrow.

AyOH didn’t just begin when the band members came together in late 2010. Their legacy began much earlier than that, in basements and garages “ throughout the world “ as the three musicians perfected their own styles.
A natural trio, Avi Dell (vocals; guitar), John Paul Arrotti (drums), and Lin Takrudtong (bass), came together by chance, as professional and driven musicians. Avi, a native of Pittsburgh, moved to Chicago to pursue music in the city known for her blues. John Paul and Lin, were regulars in the Chicago music circuit, seeking new collaborative efforts. Through various avenues, the three joined forces and combined their individual talents to create what we now know as AyOH.
AyOH found their rhythm and took it in stride, developing their own unique blend of harmony, sonnets, and sound, churning out original songs and quickly coming into their own. Avi Dell, lead vocals, has a romantically charged style that naturally juxtaposes polished lyrics with the raw energy of the percussion and instrumentals. By combining elements of blues and rock with the accomplished musicianship each member brings to the table, the result is a soulful edge that ultimately defines the band. Listeners can’t help but be captivated by the transitory lyrics “ while moving their feet to the sound that leaves its own mark.

For more on AyOH, visit their website and Facebook.

Lost Element Impacting CHR/Hot Radio

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist Lost Element is impacting radio today with Taste of Poison.

Lost Element is a rock band from Houston, TX. LE has a great passion for music and performance and we are getting ready to shock the world.

All of the elements that places Lost Element in the forefront of the many talented bands contending to become the next major headlining band on the rise, are clearly present, and can be heard all throughout Lost Elements latest CD release, “Return to Solitude”, which was released in 2013. Describing those differences and elements, Lost Element’s sound delivers nothing less than very masterfully written compositions, with extreme excellence in both the music structure and lyric content. Combining those elements with massive amounts of nuances, dynamics, and providing a brilliant contrast between a very smooth alternative vibe on guitar and vocals, mixed with an extra crunchy classic hard rock drive, and welding all of that together with molting metal, and delivering it with nothing less than precision tight executions of musicianship by all members of Lost Element, with absolute seamless maneuvering in the transitions from one genre to the other.

Lost Element’s ability to combine and incorporate the best of several genres in to their music at once, creates a very broad marketing and audience appeal, bridging the gap between today’s new generation of young listeners of alternative and rock, and those that have been around long enough to witness hard rock at its best and have witnessed the conception of rock and alternative, as Lost Element has the ability to ‘scratch the musical itch’ of any and all that has an appreciation for all of the above genres at once.

For more on Lost Element, visit their website and Facebook.

Howard Rosen Promotion Artists in Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) has several artists in the February 14, 2013 edition of Billboard’s Top Forty Mid Week Update.

Look for Desert Dragon, Sir Ivan, and Uncharted Shores in this week’s issue.

Aleon Impacting CHR/Hot AC


Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist Aleon is currently impacting CHR/Hot AC radio with New Lover.

This new top 40, CHR / HOT AC pop-dance duet will warm up the charts like rapid fire at the heart winter time.

His high energy pop-dance style will most definitely capture today’s youth who craves for passionate rhythms & beats. ALEON has this track ready to hit the radio for 2013, New Lover will satisfy music lovers.
ALEON has recruited a new female vocalist, Nattiva to participate as a featuring singer in his new pop endeavor that should attract worldwide attention. ALEON has also teamed up as co-producer with JLM’s founder Jean Perruno.)

For more on Aleon, go to his website.

Howard Rosen Promotion Artists in Billboard’s Mid Week Top Forty Update

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) has several artists in the February 7, 2013 edition of Billboard’s Mid Week Top Forty Update.

Look for Honor Society, Desert Dragon, and Sir Ivan in this week’s issue.


Rob Parissi Impacting CHR/Hot AC Now

Howard Rosen Promotion (www.howiewood.com) artist Rob Parissi is impacting CHR/Hot AC radio with Dancing Like A White Man.

Rob is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is the former frontman of Wild Cherry. In 1976, Wild Cherry went to number one on both the Billboard pop and R&B charts with Play That Funky Music.

Along with playing and writing with other artists, Rob has re-emerged with a new sound in Smooth Jazz and Adult Contemporary music.

For more on Rob, visit his website and Facebook.