November 2015

Jennifer Saran & Narada Michael Walden Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Jennifer & Narada

Jennifer Saran & Narada Michael Walden are impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Christmas is My Thang”.

Jennifer Saran is a North American alt-pop/adult contemporary artist, songwriter and vocalist based in Hong Kong. Her first full-length album Merry Christmas, You Are Loved, will be available both digitally and physically worldwide with its release on November 20th, 2015. This album was created with legendary producer Narada Michael Walden, and is being released through his label Tarpan Records.

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Producing Hits for Artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin (including the platinum “Freeway of Love.”), Steve Winwood, Ray Charles, Wynonna Judd, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Mariah Carey, Barbara Streisand, Lionel Ritchie, Lisa Fischer, Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones, Jeff Beck and The Temptations, the EMMY and multi-GRAMMY winner (Producer, Album and Song of The Year) has been at the helm of hit music that spans decades. His music flows freely from pop, rock and soul, to the rarified realms of jazz, fusion and world music. With Jeff Beck, Narada wrote and played drums on the seminal album “Wired” that earned them both their first Gold Album. Walden was an integral part of introducing Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey to millions of fans worldwide, producing and writing their breakthrough hits that first brought these divas to the spotlight. Billboard Magazine honored him as one of the Top Ten Producers of all time.
As impressive a production and songwriting resume as Narada Michael Walden has assembled over the past thirty years and counting, he has earned equal acclaim as a recording and performing artist in his own right.

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Christine Storm Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Christine Storm

Christine Storm is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “Chick Flick”.

Christine Storm immediately commands attention. With a robust voice, impenetrable delivery, and bluesy sense of heart, she confidently captivates on her forthcoming full-length debut album. Be forewarned. There’s a seductive and soulful Storm gathering on the horizon right now in Reno, NV, and it’s about to consume listeners everywhere.
Majoring in theater at the University of Idaho, the singer and songwriter began honing her chops early on. She went on to front the band Mansion with longtime collaborator Jerry Spikula and lead countless international cabaret tours. These jaunts would land all over the world from Las Vegas to Greece, placing Christine in front of elite audiences comprised by the likes of Mike Love from The Beach Boys and many more. 2013 saw her unveil her solo debut EP, Storm.
However, the new music properly introduces the powerhouse chanteuse. She spent most of 2014 holed up in Spikula’s new Abby West Studios, also tapping the production and songwriting talents of Grammy Award-nominated writer and producer Frank Greenfield [Rihanna, Beyoncé].
“Musically, I’m all over the map,” she declares. “When you’re on stage every night in the rock cabaret circuit, you have to adapt to whatever audience is in the house. So, you play it all from country to jazz to rock to pop. There’s residue of all those genres in my own style. That definitely shows on the album. I want people to get up and move when they hear me.”
Listeners will undoubtedly move when they hear her first single “Shoulda Woulda Coulda.” A simmering and sharp anthem, the track showcases her vocal prowess and knack for a vivid story.
“It’s about a woman who catches her guy cheating,” she explains. “The right move would be to get rid of him. It’s another touchy subject because we, as women, tend to put our heads in the sand. We don’t want to face this. In the video, the protagonist only wants to remember the good times, so she takes him back. She tells her girlfriends, ‘I just had to let him in to see what he had to say. One thing led to another, and now we’re back together.’ It captures those ups and downs of a turbulent relationship.”
Then, there’s the slinky and sexed-up “Quench Your Soul,” which illuminates another end of the spectrum for Christine. “The song essentially says, ‘I’ll turn your spark back on and make you feel sexy again,’” she elaborates.
“Raining Frogs” from the album directly draws attention to the looming issue of bullying. At the same time, she raises awareness with her Jam for Joy Charity, which raises money for victims. 2015 saw the foundation host its first concert in downtown Los Angeles.
At the end of the day, her music consistently spreads that kinetic energy.
“I want people moving their heads, tapping their feet, and dancing,” she leaves off. “I’ve seen the transformative power music possesses. This is meant to do that. Giving that feeling is my biggest goal. If you need a little energy or want to feel sexy, put on Christine Storm.”
The stage is hers, and she’s going to do big things.

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Frank D’Angelo Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Frank D'Angelo

Frank D’Angelo is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “I Need to Be Home”.

Frank D’Angelo is a multifaceted artist who has not only achieved success as a performer, but also as a businessman, philanthropist and humanitarian. He first began his musical career as the lead vocalist and front man of the popular Canadian band, “Toronto”. Throughout the 1980s the group thrilled audiences with their renditions of classic R&B hits, performing to packed houses throughout North America. Frank D’Angelo’s current ensemble is a fifteen piece group with a burning horn section, replete with some of Canada’s top musicians. Firmly rooted in rhythmic and soulful popular music, the group also embraces a wide range of musical styles – literally something for everyone. Frank D’Angelo and his band have garnered international recognition appearing alongside musical luminaries such as Tom Cochrane, Peter Frampton, Burton Cummings, “LoverBoy”, Gino Vanelli, “The Temptations”, “The Cowboy Junkies”, Alannah Myles and George Canyon. Favourite appearances include singing the national anthem at a variety of major sporting events, including Frank’s beloved hockey. Frank also takes great pride in the many appearances that he has made entertaining the Canadian Armed Forces.
Frank D’Angelo always appears onstage with boundless energy, holding forth with a repertoire of his original compositions combined with beloved popular music rendered in his distinctive R&B style. D’Angelo crosses all demographics with his wide appeal, delighting audiences of all ages and orientations. In March, 2007, Frank donated the proceeds of his debut single, “You Gotta Believe to Believe” towards breast cancer research and in 2008 he released his second recording Full Circle. Just in time for the 2009 holiday season, D’Angelo released his own version of the holiday classic “Silent Night”, which was followed up in 2010 with an original song for the holidays, “Let’s Celebrate” and in 2014 with “This is the time of year” – donating all proceeds to charities providing support to the homeless. On October 29th, 2015 he is starting a national concert tour with his 15 piece band, dates are available at
Frank D’Angelo currently hosts his own hit late night chat and entertainment variety show “Being Frank” now in its fifth season on CHCH TV in Canada every Friday night, boasting guests and show business luminaries such as Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Tony Bennett, Graham Greene, Bill Fichtner, Kim Coates, Estella Warren, Bai Ling, Raggae Rapper Snow, Missi Pyle and many, many more. The show is viewed nationally in Canada (including Quebec), as well as U.S. Border Markets.

The eclectic Frank D’Angelo is also an author – his autobiography Being Frank – The Inspiring Story of Frank D’Angelo is available internationally on

He is also a screenwriter and director and just completed his fourth movie this year with Sicilian Vampire. His first three movies Real Gangsters and Big Fat Stone and No Deposit, all starring a stellar cast of actors have received rave reviews and won numerous awards. He has also started production of his fifth film The Red Maple Leaf and already shot scenes in Los Angeles with Kris Kristofferson, Doris Roberts and Eric Roberts.

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Johnny Sandoval Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Island Girl cover

Johnny Sandoval is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Island Girl”.

Johnny Sandoval, a native of Miami, Arizona, was introduced to music by his family who migrated to the USA from Almeria, Spain. Having a cousin who danced Flamenco with Charro and the Jose Greco family, and uncles who maintaind a Swing/Mambo/Rumba/ band, Sandoval began his career at a young age.

He started playing bongos and continued to hone his skills as a multi-talented musician, songwriter, and recording artist. His new album entitled @conga has a unique blend of Salsa, Flamenco, Funk, Rock, Middle Eastern, Brazilian, Classical and Jazz and was released in January 2013!

Sandoval cherishes everyone he plays with and his opportunities to travel the world sharing talents with many wonderful artist and audiences. Some key credentials include recordings and performances with Greg Adams, Tom Scott, Arturo Sandoval, Brandon Fields, Ron King, Michael Paulo, Chuchito Valdez, Ry Cooder, Jim Keltner, David Foster, Phil Perry, Wally Minko, Smokey Robinson, Tom Breckline, Bernie Dresel, Joey Heredia, Lenny Castro, Herman Mathews, Justo Amarillo and thankfully many more!

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Maggie Garnier Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Maggie Garnier

Maggie Garnier is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “O Holy Night”.

In her debut album, Maggie seeks the deepest reaches of the heart with soul stirring music. With unabashed warmth, she correlates each song with real life experiences. She challenges the listener to heed to the call of God and turn from their old ways. Her artistry appeals to a wide range of audiences. They identify with her every word. Her smile radiates and touch’s their senses.

Maggie has made the globe her mission field. She avidly takes part in outreach ministry in places where she feels the Lord wants her to go. She prefers to minister where Jesus walked when he was among us; in the shelters, the prisons, among people in need. “I want people to be healed”, she shares. “This is why the songs must be life changing. I am satisfied, when the Holy Spirit is moving. I am assured of the presence of God in my music”.

Music has always been a part of her life. She has had the privilege of gracing the stage with some of her most favorite artists, Wintley Phipps and the Heritage Singers, to name a few. They have had a strong influence on her throughout the years. But those who have affected her the most, set the tone for lifelong goals. Introduced to the Lord by her mother, Maggie’s earliest memories of singing are those of her mother teaching her and her elder siblings how to sing. Another is performing with her late sister, who was always ready to push her onto the stage. You can say that, Maggie has been groomed for her solo career by her family ministry, The Nu Creation Singers. Along with her siblings, cousins and close friends, this ministry has enjoyed a career that spanned 22 years. It has helped Maggie to understand the importance, influence and art of Christian music. She is diligent in her responsibilities to develop her craft. Now, that Maggie has emerged from the folds of her close knit family. She stands onstage, on her own, with the might and power bestowed unto her to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet her family is never far, they are her main support structure. They administer her production, technical and tour support.

Today, she is happily married with 3 beautiful adolescent children. They rely on her to teach them how to sing and to pray. She is awed at this great gift. As a mother, she could not imagine sending her son to die for anyone. Just knowing that God made the ultimate sacrifice on her behalf, always brings Maggie to tears. She is humbled by the gifts of these children and to those she ministers to.

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Lizzie & John Brenkus Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Lizzie & John Brenkus

Lizzie & John Brenkus are impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Christmas is My Favorite Time of Year”.

John Brenkus is the Host and Creator of the six-time Emmy award winning “ESPN Sport Science” as well as the author of the New York Times Bestseller “The Perfection Point”. Sport Science is integrated into the entire ESPN platform and is exposed to tens of millions of people annually.

John and his wife, Lizzie, released their Christmas song for the 2014 season to which listeners and fans responded with 3.5 Million plays during the holidays. 1 Million of those came just in the first week. The song was featured on ESPN Sport Science, the Washington Post, as well as many other outlets. It was also heard on SiriusXM’s Holly and radio stations across the country. The music video for “Christmas is My Favorite Time of Year” is packed with high profile cameos including the Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love, former NFL stars Jerry Rice and Ray Lewis and many others.

Watch the video now.