July 2015

EJ Cox Impacting Country Radio

EJ Cox studio

EJ Cox is impacting Country radio with his song “River Town”.

For EJ Cox, music runs in the blood of the family, his great-grandfather, grandfather, and grandmother all played the fiddle, his great-aunt the piano and there are banjo and guitar pickin’ cousins.

EJ began playing music on an old upright piano at about age seven. When he first started performing it was old gospel songs in church, on a front porch in Marianna, or at the lake in Odessa for family and friends. These are great memories for EJ, and times he believes molded his interest in music.

After graduating from Auburn he eventually founded his own band. He was the frontman for this country outfit and played rhythm guitar. “It’s very cool to be able to say my first live show was in Auburn, a place I love deeply and where I went to school. We played at a great little country dive called “The Struttin’ Duck.”

EJ says he is influenced by all good music but feels like many characteristics of his style are owed to artists and writers like Cash, Willie, and John Prine, along with Keith Whitley, Buffett and groups like The Band and Marshal Tucker.

EJ’s writing is sometimes inspired by what he’s thinking about on a particular day or whatever is going on around him or in his life. “I don’t really plan it out, it just happens or it doesn’t”, EJ explains.

EJ currently lives in the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains in Santa Barbara, California but spends a lot of his time in Nashville these days. And if you don’t find him there, he is likely in a boat fishing somewhere, playing golf or watching Auburn football. And EJ’s down to earth personality will make you feel like an old friend is on stage.

His upcoming album is his biggest musical accomplishment thus far. “I recently finished recording and I’m pretty excited about a couple of the songs being released to radio and letting everyone give it a listen.”

EJ was in Nashville recently, and was able to debut one of the songs from his album at The Bluebird Cafe. “An experience and a feeling hard to describe, performing a new song in a place with so much history, where so much talent has come through.”

EJ wants to tell his fans thank you for listening and that he hopes they like the new tunes.

For more on EJ Cox, visit his Facebook & Twitter.


BR’N’B Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

take a chance-Récupéré-page-0

BR’N’B is impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio with “Take A Chance”.

The musical flavor of the group BR’N’B results from an imaginative mixture from real life experience. Music that brings you to a world of joy and sadness.

The group formed in 2003 after a sequence of events. They recorded several demos. Today the group is diversified and unique. BR’N’B makes music that will make you dance in the depths of your soul. They won’t stop surprising you.



Jade Naraine Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Jade -Cause I Cant take missing you art

Jade Naraine is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Cause I Can’t Take Missing You”.

Jade Naraine is of Finnish and Jamaican descent and born in Toronto, Canada. Always singing and dancing to musical movies as a toddler, Jade began performing at just 9 years old at weddings, events and talent competitions. “I remember going to see Christina Aguilera at a mall signing for her first album, I was only 5. From that day on, I knew I was supposed to be an entertainer, despite all obstacles.”
Specializing in commercial pop tracks, she has written for local bands and artists of all genres, and was recognized by Sony music A&R in early 2013 and Beluga Heights in 2015 for her skills in which she has been actively offering ideas and writing them while maintaining focus on her own launch as a pop singer.
Jade was noticed for her song writing ability by various studios she would record her demo’s at when she was starting out and in 2012, she met top Toronto based music producer Mike D who owned the label Voodoo Records who took interest in her and they began writing. Jade is now in the process of putting the final touches on her Debut album and preparing to accompany other successful artists on US tour this fall, with the majority of dates being held in California and New York City.
Jade’s dedication, drive, entire package and constant way of thinking that she needs to be doing something to move forward every day, push the envelope and be on top of her game will take her very far. Jade is truly a force to be reckoned with who refuses to take no for an answer, it was never an option for her she says, through all tears and sweat. ” With blogs writing that she could be the next Rita Ora or Taylor Swift, she hopes that radio will be supportive and help her get her music to the fans as she has many more songs to come!
Going against everyone and knowing what she was born to do and what made her most happy… instead of attending University,  she took the jobs or gates approach and worked 3 jobs until she could finish some material that she could use to show people what she’s capable of. “It was often very discouraging at times. I was moving very slow and had been working at this since fifteen.”

For more on Jade, visit her website, Facebook, and Twitter.