March 2015

Kathryn Dean Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Kathryn Dean

Kathryn Dean is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Be My Sin”.

California native, Kathryn Dean, comes armed with her unique perspective, musical integrity and soul bearing vocals at the tender age of 19. A true artist, she delivers an honest performance that tells her unique stories in a way that inspires and impacts the human spirit. 2014 was an incredible year for Kathryn Dean in which she performed at Sunset Sessions, wrote and recorded her first EP, released her first single “I’ll Show You Crazy” and began to dig her way into over 40+ radio stations nationally. To bring her creative vision to life, Kathryn teamed up with writers/producers who have worked with such musical greats as Christina Aguilera, Bruce Springsteen, The Mars Volta, and Counting Crows.The official music video for the single was directed by Paul Boyd whose many credits include -Goo Goo Dolls, Seal, Celine Dion and Sting.

After an incredibly successful indie release of her EP, Dean is now armed to debut her full length album “Hit The Lights”, featuring five emotionally explosive new tracks in addition to new productions from her EP. “Hit The Lights” releases on April 28th, 2015.

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Rachel Costanzo Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Rachel Costanzo

Rachel Costanzo is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Starlight”.

Meet Melbourne’s Rachel Costanzo. At just 18, she has already had years of experience in the world of music and is now officially unleashing her first single on Australia.

A music fan for as long as she can remember, the edgy-voiced pop singer says by the time she was 13, she knew music was what she really wanted to do with her life. She’d already had piano and guitar under her belt and singing other people’s songs gave her a way into writing her own.

Rachel is a young girl on a remarkable mission. She is determined to make great pop music – and not just for now; Rachel is in it for the long haul. There are no dreams of overnight success, sudden rises to fame or illusions of grandeur here. She knows that it takes years of hard work, patience in trial, unwavering commitment and buckets of sweat and tears to make her dreams a reality. But in the meantime, she will be writing, creating, performing, learning and chasing her dreams until they become present reality. Because at the end of the day, Rachel Costanzo is focused on nothing more than making music that excites, inspires and electrifies the listener.

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Manika Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Manika B.Y.O.Bugatti resized

Manika is impacting Top 40/ Hot AC with “B.Y.O.Bugatti”.

Manika (pronounced Ma-NEE-ka) is an Asian-Spanish American singer, rapper, songwriter, musician, composer, record producer, reality TV-show host and published author. She was discovered by Michael Jackson’s long-time manager (music exec Frank DiLeo). Manika toured with One Direction on their North American tour. She also performed at the Hollywood Style Awards, the nationally-televised Hallmark Hollywood Christmas Parade, KISS FM’s Wango Tango, headlined the Girl Scouts’ 100th Anniversary Tour and headlined Pepsi’s Shop Til You Rock Tour. Recently Manika was the headline performer to 200,000 people and 650 movie theaters (streamed through Fathom Events). This performance was also nationally and internationally televised (via Discovery Network). Manika is currently in filming as the host of a new reality TV-show (“Global Beauty Masters”) to air on the TLC Network. Manika wrote and co-produced her new single “B.Y.O.Bugatti”, a rhythmic pop-rap song introducing a new dance (The Bugatti), being released to radio now.


Look for her fifth single-release “B.Y.O.Bugatti” to air on Top 40 and Rhythmic radio station across the country starting this month.


Manika was discovered five years ago by the late Frank DiLeo (Michael Jackson’s long-time manager). Manika had won the outstanding performance award three years in a row at the National Performing Arts Festival in New York City when Frank DiLeo announced, “I am coming out of retirement to manage one last big act: Manika”. Manika, who was 17 years-old at the time, graduated high school a year early (as valedictorian) to pursue her music and writing career.

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XOCH Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


XOCH is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Summer Vacation”.

XOCH. Her music, her look, her presence, they stimulate your senses and demand your attention. With a tour de force of vocals and a commanding stage presence, singer/songwriter front-girl XOCH (pronounced “Zoach”) knows how to grab her audience with huge hooks, a driving and dynamic rock/pop sound, and powerful lyrics that resonate inside your head and refuse to let go. Her name means “the goddess of flower and song”, and she is just that.

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Cherry Dreams Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio

Cherry Dreams logo

Cherry Dreams is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “See You Again”.

In 2003, vocalist Michael Owens, guitarist Greg Learmonth and long time friend drummer Serafino Verardi started jamming. They were soon joined by former Sweet Lucy keyboard player James Todd. Shortly thereafter Dan Thompson stepped in on drums and the band began writing and recording their own music.

Collectively, they are primarily influenced by Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

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Havok Way Going for Official CMJ Adds


Havok Way is going for official CMJ adds with the EP, “A Taste of Havok”.

Hailing from Revelstoke, British Columbia – Havok Way is a theatrical alt rock trio comprised a diverse collection of many musical stylings that tell the story their rock opera ‘Of Harlots & Harlequin’.

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Primadonna Impacting Top 40/Hot AC Radio


Primadonna is impacting Top 40/Hot AC radio with “Epiphany”.

Honored for her prolific songwriting and ability to capture her viewers through the art of dance, Primadonna is a gift to the entertainment industry. She has trained all throughout her childhood and adult life in theatre, dance and song. Primadonna’s greatest passion is the performance aspect: releasing the story via music, dance and acting which began with a simple vision. Just as important to her, is an amazing hit that unifies and stirs the crowd to dance!! Her prolific style of music genre is the combination of trance and pop. Intelligently written and often too much for her hearers to comprehend are her mystifying lyrics revealing a new kind of work. She is the sole creator of her lyrics and develops her own melodies by ear. She enjoys taking part in the mixing process as well, finding it a necessity as she is led by her intuitive nature.
Primadonna is also a music video artist and the prime visionary/producer.
She is a dedicated writer/blogger seeking to induce the best within her fans and followers. You can discover her thoughts and even more about issues regarding the approaching end times.

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