November 2014

Debate Over Music Streaming Heats Up

Much like mp3s, downloading, and Napster before it, music streaming is now being debated by the music industry, artists, and fans. Last week, Taylor Swift abruptly pulled her entire catalog from Spotify. While she is not totally against streaming, she is concerned about fair compensation for everyone involved in the album. Read her stance here.

Swift’s label head, Scott Borchetta, went on Nikki Sixx’s radio show, “Sixx Sense” to plead his case. The Big Machine CEO echoed what Swift said, but also added that they don’t want her fans to “be embarrassed.” In his interview, he says “If this fan went and purchased the record, CD, iTunes, wherever, and then their friends go, ‘Why did you pay for it? It’s free on Spotify.’ We’re being completely disrespectful to that superfan who wants to invest.”

Borchetta predicts that other artists will follow suit. Country superstar, Jason Aldean, has pulled his new album from Spotify more than a month after it’s release. As of now, the rest of his catalog remains on Spotify. Aldean has offered no explanation for Old Boots, New Dirt being pulled. Read more.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Dickins, Adele’s manager, has come out in support of Spotify. At the Web Summit tech conference, Dickins stated ““Streaming is the future, whether people like it or not. Within five years it will be ubiquitous.”